New internet contract = Much more to grab

I’ve just recontracted with my ISP a week ago. Now equipped with 10Mbps download and 1Mbps upload, everything goes even much faster now :)

The 10Mbps service had already been activated 2 days back, but due to my n00b-ness of not knowing 10Mbps would require a ADSL2 modem. Thus, I was stuck with searching for ‘free’ networks.

The ‘free’ ADSL2 router that came with the package arrived this afternoon, after 5 mins of receiving the package, I was back onto the internets ^___^ 


Speedtouch 585(i) ADSL2 4 ports router
Router stand
Straight through UTP cable
RJ 11 Phone wire
Power adapter
4 Phone ADSL filters

Yay. Free Phone ADSL filters. I have no idea why would one need so many. What I really do like is that this router has 4 ethernet ports and a build-in modem. This helps a hell lot as I would not need to use my old set-up which consisted of connecting a 1-port wireless router to a 4-port wireless router via NAT and static routing.

I really like the speeds I’m getting. It really leaves Chiyo-chan speechless :)

Now, I can’t wait for FTTH/FTTP (Fiber to the home) <Link>  

5 thoughts on “New internet contract = Much more to grab”

  1. That reminds me… What’s the Singtel advertisement about ar? The mIo thing or something? What’s that ar?

  2. ah welcome to the 10Mbps gang … its pretty sweet speed huh …

    though I dun really like the speedtouch modem … kinda sucky so I’d just stuck to my old one.

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