Gothic Punk Asuka!

Asuka looking great with her guitar! This beats BUBBA Mahou Shoujo Yuki Nagato and Haruhi Bunny hands down! Thanks Juice for the heads up!

Looks like a new Asuka Figurine by atomicbom that is to be sold during Wonder Festival  World Hobby Festival for 10,000 Yen.

2/25 WF `07にて販売いたします。10,000円

Gothic Punk Asuka
Sales on 2/25 WF ’07
10,000 YEN package
いつもですけど、またバタバタと (It’s the same as always, but with a rattling sound(?))


I don’t really understand the last sentence :/ More pictures over at the link as well.

This figurine looks really sweet. Only thing is that the colors are rather ‘dull’ as the dress color looks faded. I really hope that there will be a recast of this Asuka looks kinda Misa-Misa-ish in this one.

By the way, notice the ever-growing trend of figurines with guitars? :)

Note: It’s World Hobby Festival and not Wonder Festival. Pardon me

3 thoughts on “Gothic Punk Asuka!”

  1. @icie: Haha. Kinda.
    But I prefer this one as compared to Haruhi with guitar. Prolly because I’m a Asuka fan :)

    If you noticed, the last pictue over at link, it somewhat looks like misa-misa.

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