Year 2 Semester 2 Results

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B+ on my IS modules, which I took heaps of effort in it. I was hoping for one or two more Bs instead of the C+.

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B for Japanese this semester. A definite improvement compared to last semester’s C+ and F for the one before. 

Overall, a slight improvement compared to previous semester’s results.

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Still, I’m not satisfied with these grades. PTL

8 thoughts on “Year 2 Semester 2 Results”

  1. Dude in no time you will be getting A’s! Last time I saw your results they were pretty grim. You’re on the up and up!

  2. One more year to go!!!!
    Just do well for your industrial attachment (if any)
    and your final year proj. That will pull your overall
    grades up considerable.

    And dont listen to dessy… he’s bad influence.

  3. @All: Thanks guys. Fortuantely or Unfortunately, the coming semester would be the last chance for me to get As. After that, it’s internship :)

  4. Good luck in your studies, I’m sure you will hit As next sem.

    And i agree with jay, maybe your internship is more useful. Like I’m working hard in my research work too.

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