New Direction

I have been thinking alot about the future direction of this site. A lot has happened (Not really) since the start (May 2006).

Started off with something personal, moved to anime stuff, then over to Japanese related posts and a small dash of photography in between.


For the past one month or so, keeping this site ‘updated’ has been almost a chore, where the spirit of blogging has died off in vanished into the mystic ruins.

The whole site is in a haphazard manner, which depicts extreme shoddy work. I am now running in circles, to continue this site as it is, or to revamp the entire blog section, and also the direction this site will be heading towards. Will it be Anime-Japan related posts, and some ‘personal’ (Not too personal) entries like what I have been doing <With super improved (I promise) entries>, or totally start afresh. Maintanence and Updates will be of top priority.

To sum up on the paragraph above, I am at a crossroad of 2 decisions/choices 

Go a whole new direction for this site


Remain as it is and improve from there

I need your feedback on this. Very much so needed ><

9 thoughts on “New Direction”

  1. I think it’s fine as it is at the moment, not like your life depends on whether you blog on a regular basis or not. However, if you think that you’re running out of materials, take a break or start fresh (though i have no idea what “fresh” ideas may be blogged).

  2. Taking a break sounds good. Finish up some series, find something to spark your interest again… … …

    Well, I highly suggest you take a break.

  3. hmm,agreement – taking a break is fine; your life doesn’t exist just to blog right? personally, i think the way this blog is right now is fine.. some anime… personal.. interesting stuff… random stuff… lol
    sorry if i wasn’t much help; but, hey – it IS your blog and you have the freedom to blog what you’d like..

  4. Some of your post are really interesting like those on the green tea ice-cream and the kit-kat. So maybe you would like to head in that japaense-related direction.

    Yer but as always, its your blog. So writing for yourself and enjoying it then maybe the things will also flow smoothly

  5. ah, one more thing to add ^^; like what alafista said, its your blog – writing for yourself and enjoying it is best, as much as i try to not make requests, i think the way you blog right now is nice, especially enjoy the little tidbits of interesting things and pictures you bring up…. Ganbatte ne!

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