"Karen" aka Gothic Devil Girl Photoshoot

 It has been a very long time since I last did a figurine photography shoot and uploaded it to my blog. Also, the lack of figurines had also contributed to it. Does anyone want to get me Asuka with Guitar/Gothic Punk Asuka pre-painted from E2046 Gathering’s series so that I can do a photoshoot of it? XD

For this photoshoot, I present to you, “Karen” aka Gothic Devil Girl from E2046’s Gathering series!

Many figurine enthusiast may have seen this figurine on the internets, or maybe it’s original version. This figurine from the Gathering series is off very high quality, which comes at a high cost as well. 

This figurine also comes with very nice zettai ryoukai and dons Gothic fashion. I like :)

Platform shoes! I wonder who still wears them.

A very very detailed figurine. Very nice paintwork as well. I can see that alot effort have been put on the paint.


There’s 2 complaints I have of this figurine though. One’s the cross. There’s no proper attachment on the base which makes it fall off 2938 times. The second’s the base; the heel of her left shoe can scratch the base, creating ugly markings on the white base :(

If you take a closer look at the cross that’s in her mouth, you realize that it’s a bit weird. Yes, it broke due to it being thin and small. I had some trouble glue-ing it back together.

But clothes-wise, very fashionable :) She has wings as well! Probably because she’s a Devil Girl ^___^

And for those (pervs :p) who are wondering what colors are her *ahem* pantsu, see below :)

They are white! You can have your white pantsu fetishes :p

\Indoor Photoshoot Set-up/

I referred to super rats’s tutorial on “Figure on Cheap Lighting” and ‘built’ a little photoshooting studio of my own. Headed to the local stationary store to grab some tracing paper, penknife and stuff and made a diffuser box.

Unfortunately, I only have Tungsten lights (Color Tempeture 3200K) instead of Fluorescent lighting. This makes the picture warmer. Just found out that the flash can be used to counter it/neutralise the effect. However, I do think that using the flash will leave a hard light on the figurine instead, making the photo look weird.

 I think that’s the original. Source from Japanorama 2006 – Otaku.

5 thoughts on “"Karen" aka Gothic Devil Girl Photoshoot”

  1. Okay, with the prop setting and so on, I see why it took 5 hours.

    In any case, alot of people still wear platforms; you’d be surprised if you bother to really scrutinise what the ladies on the MRT trains are wearing.

    Still, my suggestion is, if you’re looking at the ladies on the train, the feet should be the less important parts of the anatomy to look at. Unless of course, you have a foot fetish.

    I digress. Btw, is that your figurine?

  2. They seem to do a great job on the paint of those figures. One of these days I will have to check out something from e2046. The shots turned out pretty nice even with regular tungstens. As far as the flash goes you would want to diffuse it as well, either through a diffuser box or by bouncing the light from the flash.

  3. @Mitsuki_Hayase:
    Nah, I took it a few days back. I do take note of the shoes ladies wear when I’m bored ^__^;

    And yes, that’s my figurine.

    @super rats: Yeah, E2046 takes a lot of effort for their Gathering series. I do think that the shots would have been better if I used fluorescent lights instead.

    Flash-wise, I will experiment around with my EOS 400D on diffusing it.

  4. For the standard flash, if you want to diffuse the flash, try placing a piece of tissue over the bulb. It works well but you may have to experiment how thick of a diffuser you want to get the results desired. I wish I had the money to spend when this was available.

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