So what happens when familiar fairy tales you’ve had heard when you were a young lad and Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru gets put together into 23 minutes of anime by the creative minds of the animators using the plot of Cinderella?

  ^ Takako Itsukushima (厳島貴子) , perfect person to play Tsunderella  

Yes! You get Tsunderella 「ツンデレラ」! This special episode is a DVD only version, which means it isn’t aired at all. Thanks to our kind uploaders over at the internets, I have managed to grab the raw.

I find this episode very well done and cleverly stitched together. This episode follows the basic plot of Cinderella, with general elements from fairy tales such as ‘Snow White’ , ‘Hansel and Gretel’ , ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ etc. Also, many Otoboku jokes have also been added into this episode.

Tsunderella’s sisters – Yukari (由佳里) , Mariya (まりや), Ichiko (一子). Mariya is able to force Tsuderella to do whatever work they want.

Tsunderella’s meal isn’t exactly appealing. When asked by Mariya why isn’t she eating, she replies “I am currently dieting” in a ‘tsun tsun’ attitude. This gets countered however, when her stomach growled, leaving the embarassed Tsunderella being laughed at by her sisters.

The prince (Mizuho 瑞穂) is too moe for Tsunderella, causing her to nosebleed (‘dere dere’ attitude?). This scene is absolutely cute ^___^

Shion (紫苑) , the witch, appears and offers to help Tsunderella. Tsunderella actually does not want her help but gets captured by Shion’s hair.

Two spells were casted, with the second being successful. The first spell strips both Tsunderella and the witch of their clothes. Very nice fanservice XD

 ^ Our heroine. Very cute pose. 

  ^ The witch has got a nice body ^___^

Just like in Cinderella, Tsunderella is also warned off the midnight curfew. Breaking this would lead to undesirable circumstances, which may involve something like purple tentacles and Tsunderella.

Tsunderella then rides on Kana (院奏)’s transportation to the ball, which got intercepted by Snow White (Kimie 君枝), who had though Tsunderella was being kidnapped and needed saving. After a few more misadventures, they meet up with Little red riding hood (Michiko 美智子) who leads them to a candy house , as seen in Hansel and Gretel, where the evil queen (Kei 圭) is waiting with the poison apple.  

Tsunderella then forces Snow White to eat the apple and has to face battling both the Kei and Michiko. Fortunately, Shion arrives again and helps. Tsunderella somehows get out of the battle and finally arrives at the castle.

 ^ “Rolling Thunder.. something..!”


However, a long line had already formed to get to the Prince. Tsunderella then ended up sulking along. By chance, Mizuho notices Tsunderella and finds her over at the baloncy a little later. They dance but soon it was midnight. Not wanting to face that purple tentacle thing (See above), Tsunderella tries to leave but Mizuho tries to stop her.

Tsunderella gives him her pair of glass slippers before tumbling down the stairs. In the aftermath, the prince searches for Tsunderella, where the two reunites again after Tsunderella’s feet fits perfectly into the glass slippers. The two end up together, though not without a twist, that is working for Mariya, Yukari and Ichiko.

Conclusions and such:

I enjoyed this episode of Otoboku thoroughly. This was certainly a surprise as I was expecting something like a post school get-together or something, but this was definitely much better. I also liked the Chibi style used in this episode, as it wouldn’t be as good if they reverted back to their normal form, though I can’t deny that the fanservice was really good :)

I really hope there will be a second season of Otoboku or something ^___^

 ^ Takako gets a massive moe orgasm XD

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