22 inches of Goodness

 ^ Sayuri Ohtomo goodness. WP used to display monitor ‘potential’ :p (Click to view larger image)

Introducing the new 22″ LCD monitor to the family!

A 22″ Widescreen CHIMEI monitor. Yes, CHIMEI (or Chi Mei Optoelectronics) is a taiwanise brand, like where most of your other computer parts comes from. 385 AUD spent on this. 

What I really like about this monitor is the widescreen aspect as I can do massive macroing in CnC3 :p That besides the point, photoshoping pictures would be much easier and I can finally watch anime with super crazy resolutions. Using a resolution of 1680 X 1050. Finding wallpapers for this resolution is real hard.

                    ^ Simple side panel that does their job well.

There are 3 different default modes as well; Picture, Text and Economy Mode. Picture mode has the highest brightness settings, which should be used when doing image editing or if you just want to turn blind even faster :p Text mode uses normal brightness settings and Economy has the brightness of the backlight reduced.

I’m currently using Economy as Picture mode would really kill my eyesight :/

 ^ 2 inputs, a DVI-D or a D-SUB.

Over at the back, there are two inputs you can choose from. Using DVI-D to maximize the visual quality of course. The power cord’s over at the left side.

If you notice, over at the top right hand corner of the monitor in the first picture, you might realize that there’s a sticker on it. Yes, it’s the TCO certification sticker. You can read more about it over here <Link>. I think I’ll trust monitors that have the certification instead of having a brand name. My 17″ BENQ (bought in May 2005) had to be serviced once while my older 15″ NPS (bought in March 2003) is still working fine >_<

Also, thanks to those who have contributed to it! Especially mom and sis :)

11 thoughts on “22 inches of Goodness”

  1. 1680×1050 goodness, indeed having more screen space is never a bad thing. At least your buttons is on the side and clearly visible, my 20.1″ LG has its button on the back to I would have to feel around in the back. Does it come with a wall mount bracket? It certainly looks like it in the last pic (though I don’t you would want to start drilling hole in your wall for that).

  2. @Hijiko: I don’t think it is wall mountable. Never really did tried though.

    @alafista: With IRC, Opera, Media Player Classic open most of the time, it doesn’t really distract me at all :p (J/K). That wallpaper was used to show the visual appeal of the 22″ monitor. :)

    @Adun: I just signed a contract of ‘absolute’ radiation to my eyes. Don’t have room on my table for 2 of those. Getting two would also mean laying off anime goods for months! Camera lenses even! Don’t want that horror.

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