Typemania pwns the rest

And beats Stepmania and Audition hands down. Back to the days of learning how to type fast but yet accurate, and you learn as well.

So how does it beat Stepmania or Audition hands down?

Read on for how.

A link over in IRC brought me to this interesting Japanese site, where you get to play Typemania. Unlike your other ‘<insert name> mania’, You get to ‘type’ the lyrics of J-pop and even some anime-related OPs/EDs as well.

 ^ God Knows! (Just realized that bouken deshou deshou was 2 songs up)

The picture above shows the music selection screen, with the typing level gauge/Difficulty (4 being the default). Of course, the higher the level, the more difficult it would be.

There is quite a wide range of song genres to choose from. I also see Re-sublimity (Sang by KOTOKO) , One more time One more Chance (Byousoku 5cm’s theme song) there as well. You can sing along to the song if you like :)

I tried Allegro Cantabile (Nodame Cantabile’s OP) , which has a typing level of 11 IIRC.

And failed miserably ORZ

I highly recommand you play this on a laptop keyboard as it has soft keys :) The lyrics are in Romanji and original Japanese lyrics with furigana at the top.  Also, one very good reason to play this game is as you can use it to familiarize with Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji. This can help improve your reading and listening as well.

Why play Stepmania/Audition that doesn’t contribute to any brain intelligence increase besides eye-to-hand coordination and rots your brain when this help imporve the processing time of Japanese characters on-the-fly.

And just to repeat again, this pwns Stepmania and Audition hands down. ^__^


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  1. That’s pretty cool. Though I tried Kimi no Koe and that is a level 3. Pretty difficult if you aren’t used to touchtyping. I used to be able to touchtype but now I just suck at it. Too bad there isn’t a downloadable version of this.

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