Ryomou Shimei photoshoot

Some of your readers might know, I was in Melbourne, Australia from 31st March to 15th April. Known for it’s clear blue sky and nice sunlight, I took good use of that opportunity to do some photoshoots of figures that belongs to a friend of mine. ^___^

Introducing Ryomou Shimei from Ikkitousen!

She packs a pair of fighting gloves, an eyepatch, and crazy fighting abilities that’s able to beat you up into plup in one-tenth of a second (J/K).

While doing the shoot, I found that Ryomou is really cute when viewed from different points. It’s really hard to imagine she’s a ‘fighting machine’. I really like the uniform for this figurine; Simple and neat. That red distintive ribbon stands out well too!

And also, instead of the standard school shoes seen on many school uniformed figurines, Ryomou wears what seems like a pair of really cool boots. I believe it’s used to execute very lethal attacks at her enemies, especially the jingle-o-bells of the males. Ouch!

Ryomou also wears a very short skirt, which improves her moving speed by 263% and yet in the meanwhile, revealing her very nice legs and a serious dose of nosebleed for Ryomou fans :p

Fallen enemies get a slight glance of her pantsu before getting slammed in the face.

Product: Ryomou Shimei
Produced by: Yamato
Sculptor: Yamato
Scale: 1/8
Material: PVC
Release Date: April 2005
Price: ¥3,900
Available: HLJ (In Stock)

\Photography Notes/

Doing a photoshoot in Melbourne, Australia is totally different from one back in Singapore. Back at home, people walk pass and usually just mind their own business (Though in their minds, I bet they are thinking what’s this person doing, taking pictures of a figure XD). Over in Melbourne, people are friendlier and step up and ask  on how’re you doing and stuff.

The location I have chose is actually St. Nicholas’s Place on Rathdowne Street, just on the left of my sister’s place. It has a real nice school building kind-of-feeling and really beautiful architecture.

And that’s seorang inspecting his figurine. He was taking a real hard look next the skirt region :p

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  1. You have done well my young padawan. You have applied what I have taught you, but the bigger test is see whether you can do well in your homeland. I look forward to your future photo shoots!

  2. @Adun: I have laernt alot from you Jedi Adun (Though I can’t remember what :p) Local photoshoots will have to wait for a while due to the lack of figurines. :/

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