I feel abit like Keitaro

…just without the harem of girls :( Keitaro failed the Todai University Entrance exam thrice.

  ^ Kanako, Keitaro’s adopted sister isn’t inside :( 

Some of you readers might have remembered, last september, I attempted my Grade 8 Practical exam, in which I failed by 10 marks (90/150, where 100 is the passing mark).

Not wanting to be dettered by that, I retook it again in March; unfortunately failing again, with a score of 95. I have decided to do a 2nd retry next year, with 3 completely new songs. Reason being the syllabus has changed which means I’ll have to play new pieces.

Also, I have been busy for the past few days – just enrolled for my Class 3 Manaual (Driving License) and been doing up some banners during my free time (Will upload them once I’m finished ^___^). That besides the point, looking through camera lens reviews. I’ll grab the Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens once I’ve the money. There are also a few figurines I would like to order as well ORZ

Been also doing a small project on my own, using VB. NET and MySQL to create and manage my daily spending finances and such. I’m also really thankful for all who have gave me feedback on my previous post :)

6 thoughts on “I feel abit like Keitaro”

  1. Grade 8… The highest grade, isn’t it? o_O Piano pro =(

    I need to listen to you play the piano someday.

  2. Once you learn to drive, pray that driving won’t be another expensive hobby of yours. Figures, cars and photography for me is expensive enough as it is.

    As for the exam, fighto dayo!

  3. Ouch… so will there be recordings of you playing these new songs? =D

    As Adun said, just pray the it doesn’t become a hobby, it can get quite expensive. Some people just investment thousands of dollars into their cars. Anyways good luck on the exam =).

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