『CLANNAD -クラナド-』


Many would have heard of CLANNAD movie since it’s first web trailer back in March 2007. Lots of ‘hype’ have been built up then. A friend of mine, Kiddokenshin (Hongfire-ians might know of him), who’s currently studying in Japan, had queued up during the launch date of the DVD which contained the CM (high quality version as compared to the 1.8MB ‘broadband’ Web trailer, PV and the main contents of the disc that will be digitally sent over.

\CM Screenshots/

As much as I would like to upload this CM onto my ftp, with all due respect to my friend would request that I not share it, I am only able to provide screenshots for now ^___^; Reskpet the man who lined up for it!

The same song that’s used in this CM is the same as the one in the TV preview. Got to find it’s name.


I have digitally processed the images using the curves function followed by some auto leveling in Photoshop. This was done as the original images have been slightly over-exposed.

Very nice goodies. I’m really tempted to yahoo auctions them, but due to my current financal status, it seems impossible ORZ


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  1. It’s out on TT, no thanks to you :P

    BTW, it’s 3 dvds of different front designs, but i think they all have the same content. that’s what the other two spaces are for.

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