"Spring in Japan" Kimono Show

Last Saturday I attended a Kimono Show titled “Spring in Japan” over at the Japanese Association of Singapore. I hated going to the association as there weren’t any buses that I could take from the train station, leaving me having to switch buses over at the bus stop.

When I had first heard about this event, I had always though it would be any outdoor event with Japanese girls doning Kimonos whilst the photographers snipe photos of them from every angle possible. Upon reaching there however, it was different from what I had expected :/


It was actually more of a stage presentation than an actual show and stuff. So much for close-up shots of kawaii girls in kimonos. I do like the concept of kinomo wearing. It somewhat brings out a different person in you :/

As I was about 20 minutes late, I had missed out the front part of the presentation. Lots of people attended this event, and due to the overwhelming response, some had to sit by the aisle. I managed to get a seat, which proved cruical in taking photos from my position. Didn’t want to be in seiza position for the whole session XD

   ^ Only happens in Akihabara and your dreams

 The mecee did a very detailed explanation of Japanese Tea Ceremory (茶道). 

The type of ceremony performed was Hakobi demae I think. Before the tea was prepared, the guests were served wagashi, traditional Japanese sweets. The host then proceeds with the tea making/whisking. Once that’s done, the tea is then served to the guests and bows are exchanged between the host and guest. I had first-hand experience with a Tea ceremony once, and the atmosphere was really nice. Of course, sitting in seiza position was really hard on the legs. The host is very very pretty as well XD

Next on the presentation was Japanese Traditional Marriage. The ladies are helping the girls with their kimono. Much preparation is required. The pair upfront’s showing the Obi (帯) that is worn/wrapped around their waist.

  ^ That’s 4 metres in length mind you.

I am really surprised at how these traditional graments of Japan can be used for so many different occasions. The Kimono has a list of types that can be worn in accordance to the formality of the event as well. Talk about being strict!

 The parents of the bride. The mom’s  wearing what is known as  Kurotomesode (黒留袖), a black kimono patterned only below the waistline. The kids are also wearing Kimonos as well. How very cute :) If you notice as well, male kimonos are much simpler as compared to female ones. Very much the opposite of the peacock.

    ^  Beautiful ladies with their kimonos properly put on. (Front and Back view)

Almost everyone began whopping out their handphones and cameras and taking shots of them.

At the end of the presentation, the presenters all came up back onto the stage. Everyone gave a hearty round of applause for their effort and hard work! I thoroughly enjoyed this session as I had learnt alot out of it.

\Photography notes/

I do apologize for not being able to get close-up shots of the presenters. The lack of the telephoto lens (It is with my sister) and sitting location was bad. Shooting using ISO 1600 was tough under such low light conditions and there was camera shake :/

5 thoughts on “"Spring in Japan" Kimono Show”

  1. Actually those photos aren’t so bad seeing how you used the standard zoom lens. Though if you used the telephotic lens, you would have a lot of cropping, but if your focus was on the one person then it would have been more useful. Shooting from a far distance even on ISO 1600 is extremely hard unless you had a tripod. The Animania cosplay parade I had used a tripod but it was quite hard especially doing a panning shot on a tripod. Better start saving for all that camera equipment!

  2. Sounds like an interesting show, even if it wasn’t Akihabara style. I like the whole tradition of the kimono, even if I am ignorant of the rules around it.

  3. @Adun: That’s true. There wasn’t space for a tripod though.

    @ルルーシュ.ランペルージ: Dress up kawaii girls in it ^___^

    @super rats: I think kimono is a very elegant wear. People look good wearing Kimonos IMO

    @Danny Choo: Haha. Who doesn’t? :p

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