"Movie QR" – Animated QR Codes

Over in Japan, the land of the kawaii, technology, anime, erogames and other weird happenings, IT company DeSign Inc announced their new service Movie QR.

^ This doesn’t work btw :) 

So what is this Moive QR?

It basically combines a QR code with motion. And in simpler terms, a QR code with animated picture inside!

Anyway, also check out this really funny promotional video for Movie QR


(Includes school girls ‘fighting’ each other and pantsu shots. In order words, Not Really Safe For Work. Of course, if you do want to watch it in the office, use this as an excuse if you get caught by your boss. ^__^

“I am watching on the lastest technology by Japan, QR movie. We should invest in this!”

For those wondering what the video is about, it’s basically two Japanese girls arguing over whether the Manga Character, BlackJack, is Japanese or a foreigner. This continues until Mr. QR comes along riding a bicycle to stop them.

Also, for those who would like to install a free QR reader for your phone, do check out The Kaywa Reader which supports many popular Series 60 as well as Java-enabled phones from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and SonyEricsson.

It can be installed in my Sony Ericsson Z610i as well! :)

Source: Robert Peloschek aka Unic0der <Link>

P.S: The QR code in my post is the code to my blog generated using the code generator, with an cropped image of Kagami (From Lucky ☆ Star) slapped in. It obviously doesn’t work as it involves alot of mathematic calculations to re-arrange the data for a Image QR.

For those who wants the QR code to my blog, it’s the image below.


What is QR code? <Link>
Perl and PHP QR Code generators (Japanese) <Link>
Perl and PHP QR Code generators (English) <Link>

4 thoughts on “"Movie QR" – Animated QR Codes”

  1. Cool,the QR generator really works. Took the picture of it with my toshiba 803t. Hmm anyway are there any other ways to read QR code besides using the camera scanner function?

  2. @double: I have no idea. I think it’s only for mobile phones only as you can whip it out, snap and access the website with it. Defeats the purpose if you’ve got something bigger than the mobile phone to scan it.

    @Hijiko: Yes it is.

  3. I just knew this QR things from your blog, and quite interested with it. thanks for the info, going to research more about this.

    I can see that in the near future the ability to save QR in data entry forms will be common, especially in portable data entry application (my stuffs ^^).

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