Lucky☆Star is good stuff

 ^Shamelessly ripped from their main site ^^;  

今日はらき☆すたをみてるよ。実話始めてみてる時、ちょっと詰らないの感じがあります。でも、も一度見て、このアニメは実際に面白うくておかしです。そして、らき☆すたep.1 – 4 見ました。
らき☆すたはいろいろ萌えキャラがいます (かがみちゃん本当に可愛いですよ~!)。

Well, so I started watching Lucky☆Star. Truth is , when I first watched it, I wasn’t too sure about it as it was kinda boring (Imagine watching people chat on anime). However, it was only on the rewatch that I realized that it is actually quite interesting and funnily amuzing. With that, I ‘marathoned’ through eps. 1 – 4 in one go!

There are alot of moe characters in Lucky☆Star. (Kagami-chan is especially cute ^^)

The story revolves around several school girls attending a Japanese high school with lots of very loose humor tone.


 Several anime references have been used in Lucky☆Star, this is especially obvious in ep.4 where Izumi was late for class and starts explaining:

This girl crashed into me in the shopping district. Then she suddenly grabbed my hand and took off running. Eventually, I learnt that she’d stolen some taiyaki and was on the run. I was wondering what any of this had to do with me.. but I had no choice but to duck into a cafe to hide from the taiyaki baker.

 Seems familiar? Yes, it’s from Kanon. The part where Ayu crashes into Yuichi in the shopping district.

Another obvious reference would be Haruhi’s ED theme song “Hare Hare Yukai” (It has been used in 2 episodes already!) and Bonta-kun from Full Metal Panic Fumoffu~!.

 ^ SOS-Dan reference

^ Tsubasa definitely looks like Akari Kamigishi (神岸あかり) from To Heart  

Not too sure about you guys, but I’ll give Lucky☆Star a plus for now.

And a cute picture of kagami for you guys. KAGAMI-ISM!

  ^ Picture censored :) 

 (P.S I can’t really type in Japanese, it makes me sound more like a fanboy instead ^^;)


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  1. Hey I started watching Lucky Star too… I like the references they make to other anime or games like the one in the screenshot of To Heart although. I read somewhere online they started to change directors.

  2. @Akiraman: Yes, I just read of that as well. Didn’t know why they want to change though.

    @Hijiko: You can take Miyuki while I can have Kagami all for myself ^^;

    @Danny Choo: Not really advice but it’s good to try and watch it again ^^

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