Preteen Junior Idol Boom in Japan!

One way to become ‘rich’ in Japan.


1. Kawaii-Pre teen Junior Idol Girl x1
2. Professional Camera (DSLR) x1
3. Wardrobe of cute clothes for Junior Idol Girl x1
4. Book Publisher
5. “lolita complex” bunch of guys/girls


Dress up 1. with 3. and take pictures using 2. Publish book using 4.’s help and wait for 5. to buy them in bulk. Repeat till 1. grows up and replace with a new 1.

1. + 3. + 2. + 4. earns you no. of 5. x (where x is the book’s selling price)


This is related to The Preteen Junior Idol boom in Japan where elementary school girls making sexually suggestive photo books are becoming good sellers apparentely.

Twenty-nine percent of those surveyed admits to having a “lolita complex.” According to some of the people interviewed, it is a sign of a growing social problem in Japan.

I hope this is the limit which they will reach. The newer idols age have been steadily dropping and sooner or later (I pray not) they will be comparing toddlers or something.

Source: Japan Probe <Link>


14 thoughts on “Preteen Junior Idol Boom in Japan!”

  1. @jay: it’s already too late. Let’s just hope it doesn’t escalate any further. I definitely don’t want to see toddlers.

    @Kenny Liu: It’s actually more of dressing them up and doing sexually suggestive poses.

  2. if philippines is known for mail-to -order brides, japan is even worse…damn,….pedo’s get a life man..

  3. This is insane. I couldn’t watch my daughter do this. Japan has no protection for the children.. This is bad bad bad… If you’re going to have fantasy, It’s ok to do it in form of cartoon, manga and anime but not the with a real child. This is so sick.

  4. I wonder if people have ever thought about why they think the body or sexuality is so bad. >_> I bet they don’t even know, they just do because that’s normal for them, not because they understand the reason behind it.

    In japan, sex is not such an evil thing as it’s made out to be in western countries with judao/christian ideas about sex. If you’re not religious, is there a reason to see this as bad? Is nudism bad? What’s the difference?

    Westerners should stop acting like their beliefs about sex are somehow the ultimate human truth instead of their own arbitrary made up ideas and all other cultures are barbarians. It’s very arrogant.

  5. I love to look at young girls between the ages of 8-14. I fantasize about having sex with
    them. If it were legal Id be on their pussy’s all the time. Unfortunetly it’s illegal so I would
    never touch a young girl. All I do is fantasize.

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