A bunch of figures to order!

One of the whole bunch of bad things of an otaku not being in Japan is missing out Akihabara, Comiket, Figures, WF, WHF, maid cafes, more maid cafes, and more more maid cafes and their maids going ” お帰りなさい、ご主人さま~!<insert name of maidーちゃん> はご主人さま会いたかったです。ね~キスして。” (Of course the kissing part only exists in the minds of old man and ero-games ^^;

One good thing though, is being able to limit yourself from buying all those stuff. Imagine this, ¥10,000 for each game. ¥3000 ~ ¥30,000 for a figure (with the exception of Haruhi BUBBA kit which was ¥160,000 over at Yahoo Auctions Japan), Candy girls going at ¥500,000+++ which you tell your parents it was used for reference books :p Staying in the core of the otaku world requires sacrifices.

However, with the increase in auction and hobby sites, you can now easily purchase figures easily online. Or visit your local hobby (preferably anime stores) and ask them to help ship it over (includes shipping cost as well).

 ^ Tokyo Big Sight, where otaku dreams come true (Source: Heisei Demo)  

With WHF just over (Event reports over at Heisei Democracy’s post by Shingo and DannyChoo’s post ), I began to look through some of the online hobby sites such as 1999.co.jp and amiami for figures.

<Picture Intensive Post! Might include nosebleeding as well>

Pictures below are shamelessly taken from 1999 and amiami ^___^;


This one speaks of moe that touches and captures the hearts of otakus at a rate of 192 otakus/sec. She’s no other than Hayami Kohinata from the ero-game H2O – Footprints in the sand. One of the game’s Heroine.

Pictures of her in her very cute pose. I want to reach out and squeeze her >_< 


Hayami goes on sale somewhere in May 2007 though the actual date is still unfixed yet. Those long elegant hair, nice curves, soft tender face and yummy eyes makes us all want to grab her now and go 萌え~!.

The maker for this figure’s GoodSmile Company and she costs around ¥3,459 (23% off from the selling price) if you order her.

^ I really hope they will release another figure of her in this pose 

 ^ And this pose ^___^

If you can’t wait to grab this figure, you can do a 予約 (よやく “Yoyaku”) which means a reservation or advance order.

What are you waiting for? Reserve her now!  


Yuki Kusakabe: “Tada~! Onii-chan, How do I look in this 2-piece you got for me?”
Me: “….”
Yuki: “Onii-chan?”
Me: *faints from nosebleeding*

Yuki Kusakabe (優季 草壁) from the ero-game To Heart 2. She’s the game’s ‘secret’ character who you meets in school at night and for some reason isn’t usually seen. Probably dressing up in this hawt 2-piece just for us ^___^

   ^ Very sexually suggestive pose

You can also take away her towel and replace it with poles, swords and *ahem* cellphones.  Oh, and very nice eyes indeed.

The maker of this figure is Kotobukiya and the sculptor’s HIDE.

And again, like Hayami, you can reserve (予約 ) her over at amiami for ¥5,704 (20% off)

Reserve her now before all the others do it!


Who says swords, armor and girls don’t mix? Especially not when we have this very pretty lady in her metal!

Character’s name クレインクレイン (Crane Crane?!) from the PSP RPG game Generation of Chaos  (ジェネレーションオブカオス). I can’t tell you much about this figure as I don’t know much about it and barely played the game as well.

What I do know is that the maker’s ATELIER-SAI and it is to be released somewhat in July 2007.

She also packs a nice looking sword and Zettai Ryoukai :) And again, you can 予約 her over at amiami again for ¥4,844 (23% off).

Grab her now and add her to your collection!


And the last one on the list.

So what happens when a baker takes a break from all that bread baking? Does she shops for clothes? Nope! Instead, she dresses up in very nice bikini and heads off to the beach!

Why the beach? It is most probably to show off those curves from all the hard work of making bread ^___^

Tsukino Azusagawa (月乃梓川) swimsuit version from Yakitate! Japan. She has been given a very good body sculpt with all that subtle curves on her body. The bikini design is taken straight from the manga as well.

And also, there seems to be a blue bikini version for her as well.

Fans of Tsukino should order 3 sets of her figure! One for preservation, one to take out to look occasionally and one as an extra :p

The maker for this consists of 3 makers – Aniplex / Happinet / Alter and is of PVC material. ¥4020 (23% off) over at amiami and ¥4706 for the blue ver at 1999.

It will be released in August so you can do your reservations now!

Tsukino Red Ver over at 1999 <Link
Tsukino Blule Ver over at amiami <Link>

Real sorry for taking such a long time for this post. Lots of searching over the internet and translation required ^^; Someone buy me those figures!

Edit: Kept forgetting to add the polls


6 thoughts on “A bunch of figures to order!”

  1. Yuki is so cute~ must buy!
    Hayami is also nice, but not in the MUST buy, eventho maybe I’ll buy here hehe

    not really interested with kurein.. (maybe because it is atelier sai’s)

  2. @Hijiko: Yes, they are all very delicious looking ^^

    @Danny Choo: Rent a apartment and showcase them in display cabinets!

    @JKL: Yes, Tsukino is very cute indeed

    @ron~: Yuki is a must buy. I like Hayami as it’s gives a very moe feeling looking at it

  3. Konata talks about not being able to control her spending at Comiket…well I’ve got news. It’s even harder online, when it’s not cash you’re spending, but digital yens. :(

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