What if Code Geass was an harem anime?

Ever since the wait between Code Geass ep. 23 and it’s next episode to be out in Summer (Japan), many parodies have been created. Don’t know if many of you readers have watched the MAD movie parody of Code Geass anime.

 ^ Lelouche needs to convince C.C to sit on his lap :) 

What are MAD movie(s) then? They are actually Japanese fan-made videos. Read more about it in the wiki link.

So what happens if Code Geass was an harem anime? Lelouche will probably have all the girls, while Suzaku with Euphie and the rest of the guys with the remainder of the girls that somehow do not seem to fall for Lelouche’s charms ^___^;

Also, there seems to be two versions of the the OP. Two different songs, both sang by Saori Sakura, Very cutesy though :)

There is also a Yufemia Li Britannia figure out over at Hobby Link Japan. (A whopping ¥12,800!)

And if you have not realized, despite all this hardwork done, it’s all fictional T A T


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