Draw like the experts!

Ever wondered how did the Japanese illustraters do such beautiful digital  llustrations that you can cry?

Or do you want to improve your artwork but do not know how?

  ^ Artwork by Matsurya <Link


Introducing 「デジ絵の文法」 (Read Deji e no Bunpou | Translation: “Digital Art Techniques), a series from Japanese Fuji TV showcasing the production methods of different illustrators.

Each episode focuses on either one or two artists and how they deal with their various problems and issues faced whilst doing the illustration.

The first episode uses the theme “pupils” or “eyes” and features and compares how two different artists draw and add color to their character’s eyes to give them life. This includes step-by-step a ‘documentary’ and also the various styles and tools used by each artist.

Also, the computer specifications of each artist’s PC and the programs used are also introduced. Many of them have quite modern pcs (I see a 3.0GHz Dual with 2 GB of RAM) but there are some that still use a Power PC G4 733mhz O_O No reason why you can’t draw using your top-in-the-line PC now. Some of the programs used include Photoshop 7.0, Corel Painter and Easy Paint Tool SAI. (Always funny how technologically advanced Japan is, they still have some stuff that are considered ‘old’ to in this era.)

  ^ Artwork by Shiro <Link> (symphonic Rain anyone?)

Each episode also covers a different theme. Episode 1 with the theme of “Pupils”, episode 2 covering “Shading of character skin surfaces” so on and so forth.  

Also, check out Shihira Tatsuya’s CGメイキング (CG Making) post [Not Safe For Work]

There are also various episodes of the show over at YouTube (Incomplete though).

The DVD that is coming out on 20 June 2007 features 5 artists (Frist 3 episodes). There is also a OnDemand web stream but it requires a Japanese IP and each stream costs ¥210). Links to the main site and the official blog as well. 

All credits go to icie from pireze.org who did the writeup in his blog and giving me permission to use it. Do check out his blog posts (New Hunt: DEJI E No Bunpou and Release: DEJI E No Bunpo Episodes) as it contains various download links for the TV show.

I am currently downloading the videos from pireze.org and will be uploading them ASAP!

P.S For those running Share or have a Japanese IP address and also knows how to rip a web stream, we need you help!


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  1. Ah, yeah, I saw these videos on Nico Nico Douga. Very neat :) Also helpful since I’m trying to learn to draw myself…. I’m still not very good (^^;;)

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