First Anniversary! Emo not included!

Yup, as what the title says, it’s the official 1st anniversary of this website! (Not the 1st anniversary with a girl, PC, console etc) Yes indeed. It has been one full year with some interesting milestones.

It all started with registering a domain. Can’t remember why I chose ‘’ but it was probably due to the fact that the first Japanese anime artbook that I bought back in 2005. I wanted my site to have the feeling of “萌え~” , something that attracts readership. Oh, and I felt that “” would be a cool name ^^

But first, a short intro on how I started blogging.

\Pre-moeside events/

I started blogging, or general writing (didn’t know the term blogging back then) back in 2003. It was with and contains full of hatred, emotion and anger. I was passing through the puberty phase then ^^;

After livediary, I started on It was still mostly personal school-related events, with one or two anime blog posts here and there. Mostly episode reviews. I created another blog with (, did an episode review on Honey and Clover, decided it would take too much time to do reviews, stopped posting.  

Over in September 2005, some kind soul decided to help host my blog. With that, I moved over to (Domain’s already dead). Same old personal stuff, with some anime pictures added in some of the post. It was also the first blog to be powered by wordpress. I shared bookmarks and posted like how a newbie had did when he/she first started. No goal, no purpose, just ramblings of daily happenings. I was contented with that. However, this didn’t last long as the ‘free’ host had died off. I was back to being a normal internet user.

\Moeside events – 1 year ago/

When I first started this website,, I didn’t really had a goal or any plans how this site would develop. I had a dream though, to make this site something epic, that people will read, share and enjoy

  ^ And henceforth, the name was chosen… MOESIDE! 

It was different from when I was with the other domains. Moeside was under my name now, an small establishment in the huge vast internet (Probably more like a small dot :) ). I had this new toy to play with, experiment, and learn. Just like everyone else, starting and building a foundation was what I needed.

I still stuck to doing personal posts and again, emotional stuff. I let-down myself with the mindset of “If others have done it, do something different”. There were already so many anime blogs on the internet. How was I to compete then?

So continued the personal stuff, but I was slowly moving the site to anime/Japan related post. It was long, tiring and lots of hard work. Almost gave up in february/march 2007 ORZ. Not going to give up, I pressed on forward (Masugu Go!) It was not only til in May 2007 that I switched the site to completely Anime/Japan related only.

\Current & Post-Moeside events/

So here I am today, writing this post filled with ’emo’ :p Though it has only been a year, but I felt that I have leveled at least 3 levels! XD I’ll still be writing, with a lot of new, improved posts coming along.

And like the saying goes

“It ain’t MOE if it’s EMO!”

8 thoughts on “First Anniversary! Emo not included!”

  1. Hey I have that exact same Moe Side artbook. I also have the Costume Side version! Anyway, congrats on reaching one year. My one year is still far away, though my entrance to blogging was actually last month, lol.

  2. first time here. was reading through your site from the oldest entries. just LOVE the “the truth about myspace” post XDD

  3. @icie: That’s not stealing :P

    @Adun: You’re 11 months away to your 1st anniversary. Masugu GO!

    @Hijiko: I hope I will. ^^

    @Danny Choo: Yes, more moe indeed.

    @Linc_31: Hi there! Welcome to the moeside :P “The truth about myspace” is real funny. Glad you loved it.

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