So you think you’re otaku enough?

So you think you’re otaku enough? Maybe not after you watch the videos below ^^;

Introducing TV Champion’s “Gaijin Akihabara King!”

What is this “Gaijin Akihabara King” about then?

It basically is a programme with contestants from all over the world (A Frenchman, a Russian girl, two Americans and a guy from Hong Kong). They were then subjected to a variety of questions on the anime/manga world (From your Dragonball/Gundam era to the more recent series such as Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu). This questions are seriously hard and only a few normal people can answer them. Could only answer 2 questions from the “Guess the song title” catagory ^^;

Following that of the “Guess the song title” catagory, the contestants were bought to Akihabara, where they were to identify maid works at which maid cafe, identify the source of an unknown drink, identify the episode number and title of an episode of Evangelion. They also had to opportunity to voiceplay(LOL) like the seiyuus of animes. With the scripts in their hands and the anime screening on two monitors in front of them.

The contestants had the chance to visit the Kotobukiya shop in Akiba (with video cameras going in as well!), cosplay cafes (I want to go ^^) and try out Otaku-don (イシク クサン エル:  オタク – Translated: To eat alot of nice things). Pretty cool name don’t you think? XD

 ^ Female  Char Aznable! Hawt!

Overall, I do find the video pretty good. Course, you might been distracted by Jonathan’s (The American guy) weird dancing and singing, the random African guy donning pink kimono in the background (That combination plus his clown’s like actions really had me laughing out loud!) Also quite flabbergasted how they remember almost everything. Must have been that gaijin smash power they have been saving up XD

For those who would like the video, you can grab it from <Link> Youtube links for the full video went offline as it’s due to a copyright claim by TV TOKYO Corporation. :/

 ^ Konata approves of Kagami! 

So in the end, are you otaku enough? ^^

Source(s): | Japanprobe

P.S: Thanks LianYL for the heads-up. Spelt Konata’s name wrongly ^^;


9 thoughts on “So you think you’re otaku enough?”

  1. Hehe, I had to somewhat force myself through the whole thing, it was funny but painful to watch =/.

  2. @Desunova: Same here ^^; Looks like we’ve got seriously pwned

    @LianYL: Thanks for the heads up. Changed that part :)

    @Hijiko: I couldn’t stand it during my first watch as well. Probably due to the overpowering otaku-ism. But it gets better after that.

  3. Blasphemy!!!! You dare dont like the likes of the 80 s Bubblegum Crisis OVA series, FOR SHAME!!!!Nah, jk. Ill be hoesnt, when i first saw BGC I didnt care for it to much, then a year or so later went back to the OVA and was instantly absorbed into the universe which is pretty my my all time favorite anime at this point (Gundam at this point is trying to reclaim my number one spot, so its an ongoing civil war for now). Id say Geneva, give it another shot on down the future sometime, you might like it again.I guess im more of a 3rd gen anime fan even though I was around the time during the 2nd gen fandom by the end of the 1990 s, and most of the stuff referenced I was nodding my head in agreement because I was kinda like man, I remember those days for sure. I remember when VHS tapes were that expensive (especially for me since i wanted to continue past that 52 episode mark of DBZ on Toonami and only suncoast had the tapes with like 2 to 3 episodes per tape, but i knew my parents would never pay that money and i couldnt go to the local Blockbuster and pick them up since that was about a year or 2 away from happening). But I still use VHS as a means today to get really cheap anime if i cant find them on dvd (I take it you guys live in the Raleigh NC area since you brought up Animazement a few times in the episode, so the two places i hit up for tapes is Foundations Edge off Hillsborough and Edward McKay off Captial Blvd whenever i come into town). Yea, its a dead media form but some tapes are worth money if you look around the net due to never being put on DVD.Didnt mean to talk so much, but enjoyed the episode since this was my first episode listening to you guys. Catcha round!!

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