Ero-games, not so windows exclusive anymore!

   ^ Apple-tan! (OS-tans

So you think ero-games are windows-exclusive? Not till you watch this video ^^

Basically, it is an MAC OS X using WINE and Parallels. So, do you mean they are they beverages and Parallel worlds? Nope, they are the VMware (Virtualization) software for the MAC OS X.

The Japanese dude who recorded the video uses WINE to run 2D eroge games ^^. Problems with using Parallels is that it has only partial access to the hardware, leading to poor 3D performance, slightly reduced CPU performance and lower disk performance. He also tries to run a 3D game near the end of the video, but an error was detected (Probably due to poor 3D performance using Parallels).

I’m going to try this out on my portable HDD with OS X installed. Though it serves no purpose as I have my windows computer, it would be fun! Japanese illustrators using OS X can now play ero-games on their OS X too!

Now, we need it for Linux as well ^^:

There is also SOUNDROP “MOE” capsule toy video you should check out as well ^^;

Source via DannyChoo’s Otavid section <Link>


11 thoughts on “Ero-games, not so windows exclusive anymore!”

  1. Of course, you can always temporarily turn your Mac into a
    Windows box using Apple’s Boot Camp…then compatibility shouldn’t
    be an issue.

  2. @DesuNova: Haha. I have Ubuntu installed on a seperate pc.

    @mochi: Yes, bootcamp would do fine too… but people might prefer not having to boot into Windows.

  3. From the point of view of performance, Parallals Desktop really has very little impact on the disks and processor because it runs in hypervisor mode which gives it greater access than typical Mac programmes. That said though graphics performance is pretty poor because as of yet they don’t support hardware acceleration. VMware Fusion is somewhat better because it tentatively supports DirectX 8, but it’s still pretty poor.

    Boot Camp at this point is probably still the best way to go if you need good graphics performance. I guess that graphics performance would be utilised by different people in different ways ;).

  4. @Rubun Schade: Graphics performance in Parallels is pretty poor from what I read up, though it is expected of that when doing virtualization.

    I have never tried VMware fusion though, as I don’t have a MAC to try it out. Would be cool though ^^

    Of course boot camp would probably be the best way to go for now, thought I would like the idea of not having to switch to windows via bootcamp just to get good graphics performance.

  5. @windbell

    True true, rebooting back into OS X and then to Windows is a pain, especially when you have files downloading from Bittorrent in OS X that you need to pause. Not that I’d be doing that or anything… cough ^_^

    You can get a free serial number for the Vmware Fusion betas at the moment, but for most things the graphics I couldn’t tell much of a difference between it and Parallels (aka: bad!).

  6. hey ppl i need some help…
    ok so i have a mac, and i really, REALLY want to play some eroge games!!!!
    buying a fucking windows just to play eroge games is NOT worth it.
    i will keep using my mac, thank you very much.
    what the hell is “wine and parallel”???
    can you even BUY that at apple stores???
    how can i even install that in my computer? >:0
    oh, and btw, are UNISONSHIFT visual novels 3D or 2D? (flyable heart,nanatsuiro drops, etc.)

  7. WINE has come a long way since the last entry b4 mine from 2009…! I’m using the WINE implementation for Mac OSX called WINESKIN, which implements WINE in a highly wrapperized environment)…different versions of the WINE engine works better for some eroge / h-games / dating similators, so it’s a trial and error…for many of the 2D eroge games, basically is setting the WINE locale to “ja_JP.UTF-8” and installing the asian fonts “cjkfonts” via Winetricks…perhaps installing also directX from Winetricks (if needed)…for 3D games, it might or might not work…not sure if it’s due to WINE implementation for Vertex Shading or not…since many games from ILLUSION have broken models when playable in WINE…but some games that come to mind from ILLUSION that seem to play ok are: Schoolmate2, Real Kanojo, Biko 3, Des Blood 4, and Wakeari!…there might be more 3D games that R playable…but I dunno…hopefully more Macgamers out there can report their findings! Happy Holidays!

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