Modelling An Anime Girl in 4 Minutes

…Can only be done by the people from the land of the kawaii, technology, anime, erogames and other weird happenings :)

  ^ No Lolis were harmed during the write-up of this post ^^ 

Below is a crazy super fast-forwarded video of a Japanese netizen using a 3D modelling program to create a ‘loli’ character.

The video itself is really fantastic. I used to think 3D modelling was actually easy, but it realized it’s the total opposite. I respect 3D modellers even more now ^^;

Don’t know if they did it in one sitting or in several ones, it shows the amount of effort and dedication placed in! If you realize as well, WPvideo plugin reports the video timing wrongly :/ It is supposed to be 04:03mins instead of 02:37mins.

Song played in the video is from Kujian (Kujibiki Unbalance) I think.

Also, you might want to check out my ‘Draw Like the Experts‘ post that features how Japanese illustraters do such beautiful digital llustrations that I can cry ORZ.

By the way, does anyone recognize the 3D program used? I think it’s Maya.

Source: Japan Probe <Link>


5 thoughts on “Modelling An Anime Girl in 4 Minutes”

  1. i never got into 3D art…for lifeless objects, like vehicles, those are fine, but 3D human figures all seem so dead to me. their eyes all look hollow…

    that 3D art seems like a really boring job…

  2. the software the artist uses for this is Maya. and fyi, the artist is a female, or as stated in youtube…

  3. @Linc_31: I think it’s all down to personal preference ^^ There are some things we love and some thing we can’t understand why others love them.

    @Dannychoo: Thanks! I always try to find a picture that is related to the post, and probably that’s why I take a longer time to update at times.

    @tiny Red Man: I did ask some of my friends as well and they said it is Maya.

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