If only we had these

When the Japanese people are bored, what do they do?

They participate in game shows like these…

Over in the land of the kawaii, technology, anime, erogames and other weird happenings, a wonderfully simple game show is hosted.

So, How simple is it?  

It involves flipping a girl wearing a skirt over a guy’s head, pantsu that show will amount to her ability to keep her legs shut on the way down. Fail to do that, and the audience get to see the pantsu, and profits start rolling in ^^

Japan has never failed with getting all these weird stuff going, but I think it’s real excitement and enjoyment at times, as everyone gets into it. Really weird how they manage to balance cultural stuff and game shows like these so well! Man, we need game shows like these here, stat! ^^

(P.S: Was really busy yesterday so I didn’t had the time to update ^^; More MOE to make up for it!)


3 thoughts on “If only we had these”

  1. Be thankful you don’t have Big Brother TV series in singapore. Its boring. And they show it every damn day.

  2. somehow, i pity for the guy who’s slamming the girls. HE”S MISSING TOO MUCH!!! oh and the last one was nice…gd pose..

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