Is this an event?

Translation: “Ow. Is this an event?”

For the uninitiated, It’s an eroge joke.

An event that eroge calls triggers to achieve certain endings. So you could get lots of different endings, from getting yourself stabbed in the foot, getting stabbed and killed by a yandere girlfriend or actually managing to bed her!

Some examples of an event before :)

   ^ An event, in which you will most likely be left with tight slap marks on the cheeks and to your nuts.

   ^ Another event where you get to enjoy some eye-candy for a split second of 0.503 before being called a pervert, getting the door slammed at your face and reputation dropping at a rate of 293%, which all happens at the same time!

  ^ Another event again, often spent in the cafe where your wallet becomes empty for no apparent reason before you realizing that you have used it all up to feed the hungry girl ^^; Chances of getting the girl – Unknown

And of course, with these events, there’s always a ulterior motive, which I guess most of you guys should know (unless you stay under the rock over in Pluto).

   ^ A successful event. It only happens when you fulfill all pre-conditions and requirements (which requires patience, time and virtual money). If everything else fails, you can either hop on to the internets and search for a walkthrough, or download one of those completed saves ^^;

Text reads: “ごほうび、ください。”
Translation: “My reward please!” Or “Reward me please!” whichever you fancy.   

Anyway, this (ref. to Lucky star picture) is most likely a photoshopped picture. It would be really cool if the eroge game did exist though. I hope it would be full of Kagami-ism!


4 thoughts on “Is this an event?”

  1. 僕が日本語を勉強し始めた頃にエロゲは手に入れなかった。やがって、漫画、アニメやCDを聞いて勉強しかなかった。

  2. hmm…the eroge tat i’m playing doesn’t require so much which requires patience, time and virtual only needs me to fast forward and wait till the scenes comes out and slowly keep pressing enter till the end of the scene. but i’m using the “keep to one girl” method.

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