2 more figures to add!


Remember the first year student who is actually the backup humanoid interface for Nagato Yuki in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu? Yes! She’s back…. in a form know as PVC (Can’t harm anyone now ^^;)

Asakura Ryouko lovers will love this one!

  ^ Do you see that knife? Do you?!

Despite her seemingly calm manners, she actually turns out rather radical, and at one point, tried to murder Kyon! Talk about the quieter/more polite people are, the scarier! (J/K)

She also dons a school bag, which contains normal school books, girl’s accessories and stuff (Were you guys thinking of knifes, guns and stuff?)

Asakura goes on sale in September 2007 though the actual date’s still unfixed yet. The maker of this figure’s GoodSmile Company and she costs around ¥4343! You can do a 予約 (よやく “Yoyaku”) for her over here!


Remember Kureha from Shining Tears? She’s now available in PVC form as well!

Totally moe, the details, eyes, eyes (the other one), hair, costume totally speaks for themselves! Very lovely expression as well ^^

   ^ The way she poses her legs are very nicely done! It’s way too moe! 

Available in the 1/7 form, the maker of Kureha is Max Factory. Just like Asakura, she’s only being released in September (Probably because she has to fight in Shining Tears x Wind :p). You can pre-order here over at 1999.co.jp though! <Link>

You might also want to check Dannychoo’s WHF post on Kureha.

(P.S For those ordering, do order another for me as a gift ^^;)

Thanks icie for the links!


6 thoughts on “2 more figures to add!”

  1. Asakura \o/.

    The Kureha figure is also nice, but I don’t like her character much =/. However, the bow that she carries is very nice. What we need now is Zechti… and another Elwing figure.

    Asakura /o/.

  2. I wonder why they had to make a 1/7 scale for Kureha…they started with the 1/6 swiming suits, then comes the original outfits in 1/8…this is so wrong

    At least Max Factory would guarantee excellent quality

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