Blog theme is back!


Yes! My K2 theme is back up and working!

I managed to get into the server’s FTP this morning and uploaded the k2 patch. Blog updates/posts to be up later in the afternoon as I can’t remember what I wanted to blog about ^^;

At the mean time, do check out the links at my sidebar; highly recommand , GaijinSmash (Japanese School Teacher Editorials – Hilarious), Hunting the Exclusive, Happysoda ,

Do enjoy a cup of tea while meido-san (picture above) serves you tea. Just don’t try anything funny or else…

The Stormtrooper in Tokyo will hunt you down (^^;)

3 thoughts on “Blog theme is back!”

  1. @DannyChoo: errorsの人

    @super rats: Yes it is. I try not to upgrade wordpress unless it’s absolutely necessary

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