PSP on a 22 inch monitor!


Not exactly 22 inch, but it still beats the native 4.3in available on the PSP.

Don’t know how many of you readers have PSPs, but the homebrew scene has been growing rapidly ^^; 

Introducing RemoteJoy!  A PSP “Video Out” via USB option. This means that windows users will have the ability to display their PSP screen on the PC’s monitor via USB.

Download the program, read and follow the necessary instructions and volia! You can get a Video out on your PC screen as well!

^ 22 inch of goodness indeed!

I did try it out and managed to get Valhalla Knights working. It looks great on the big screen, really great. It improves the overall gameplay as I don’t have to strain my eyes and stare at the small PSP screen!

Have to try grabbing a 5metres USB cable so that I can play comfortably on my bed without having to sit in front of the PC ^^; And oh, going to try Moegaku Portable and Ridge Racer 2 on the big screen :)


For those who don’t know what Moegaku Portable is , it is a fun way for Japanese and (those who play for the fun of it) to learn the English language.

Moegaku Portable (PSP Version), learning english through that familiar dating sim hybird ^^.

You have cute Tukishima Moe with the super ‘moe’ voice, ‘kawaii’ seifuku (uniform) learning English. You, in the process, learn english phrases as well together with Moe.

Link: Remotejoy! <link>

 (P.S: Live Writer have been screwy lately. I can’t seem to publish posts using writer so I have to resort to wordpress’s post writing function :/)


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