Detective Academy Q (Tantei Gakuen Q)

Fancy cracking your brains thinking the answer to a case? Or do you just love how a mystery case gets solved using methods that you may not have though off? This might just be suitable for you.

     ^ 答えは一つ!means ‘There is only one answer!’ 


Detective School Q is the story of a group of young students from Class Q of Dan Detective School (DDS), a prestigious and renowned detective academy founded by Morihiko Dan, the most famous detective in Japan, and the adventures and mysteries they unfold and solve together.

Kyu, an ordinary boy with big dreams to become detective, attends the school as a member of Q Class along with Megu, the girl with photographic memory; Kazuma, the computer genius kid; Kinta, the strong; and the mysterious Ryu.They eventually work against Pluto, a mysterious organization which creates almost fool-proof plans that only a handful of detectives can solve.

  ^ Megu, Kyu, Ryu, Kinta, Kazuma 

I really like this anime as I get to solve the cases as well as the show proceeds with the explaination of how each particular crime occured, the mind-blowing methods used in solving the cases and the “OMFG” look at the offender’s face ^^;

The animation company’s Studio Pierrot (Kimagure Orange Road, Flame of Recca, Powerstone, GTO, Midori Days..etc <Incomplete list here>) with Noriyuki Abe as the directory (Bleach, Flame of Recca, GTO, Tokyo Mew Mew <List here>) The anime was aired from 15 April 2003 to 20 March 2004 so the only way to catch this show is to either grab the DVDs or search very very hard on the internets.. my spies say it’s still available on the internets.

  ^ Old school but good! (Just need the remaining 20 issues of it T O T)

I do vaguely remember reading the first three books of the manga as well back in 2001 so last weekend, I headed down to Kinokuniya and grabbed the first two books (Japanese) and began reading them again. I think I’ll grab em’ all during the Summer Blossoms Members First Promotion from 1st to 27th June 2007 where privilege Card members can enjoy 20% off storewide at all Kinokuniya stores!

  ^ Megu is made of kawaii! 

And oh! I was once inspired to be a detective after watching Tantei Gakuen Q ^^;


11 thoughts on “Detective Academy Q (Tantei Gakuen Q)”

  1. There was a J-Drama 2-hour special done last year, which is also available online if you know where to look for such things. 13-year-old acting phenom Shida Mirai played Megu. And just this past weekend, I saw that a new J-Drama series is in the works, with most of the same cast as the special.

  2. @BBOvenGuy: Yes, I watched the J-drama but I didn’t really like it. It was kinda’ over-dramatic (IMHO). But the manga and anime was good.

  3. Actually,if you like this, you should like Detective Conan and The Young Files of Kindachi. All are of the mystery genre. I watched the 2 I mentioned and really like them. Maybe you should try them out.

  4. its done by the same author and artist of kindaichi.
    too bad they aren’t continuing on TGQ…currently looking forward to the new kindaichi manga that should be out around now in japan… but I loved them ALL!!!XDXD you remind me of the good old days of me reading the boook and spending $50 on the pirated vcds of it..

    the anime wise wasnt so good though.drawings weren;t so good.. BUT the first and 3rd OP ROX!!!
    Drama wise: it isnt so good either…sorry to pour cold water over…I still like the manga best. all the games that they included in the back of the book..*ahh…the good old days.. XDXD


  5. Detective School Q just ended. I loved it!

    *major fangirl screaming*

    LOL! Um… I was thinking to write a story continuing it.

  6. hey… i am like crazy over detedtive school Q, i just seen the anime only
    but i have never read the manga… can any one tell me wer to find the manga of detective school Q>?… PLEASE or wer can i download it?… i really need it so badly…

    if anyone knows please email me..


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