Byousoku 5cm DVD release date out!

  ^ Hope Mr. Shinkai won’t kill me for adding some text to the screenshot ^^; 

Yes! The long awaited Byousoku 5cm [秒速5センチメートル] DVD’s release date is out! As seen in the picture above, it will be out on the 19th of July 2007.

There’s also 2 different versions you can grab, either the Normal or the Limited Edition.

Normal Edition (¥2,993) (Pre-order Price)

  • DVD
  • 8 page Booklet
  • Commentary by Mr Shinkai

Limited Edition (¥5,243) (Pre-order Price)

  • DVD
  • 20 page Booklet
  • Commentary by Mr Shinkai (Longer Ed)
  • Bonus Storyboard
  • One more time, One more chance MV

… and bascially a lot more stuff

  ^ Taken from official web <Link

Mr Shinkai has also mentioned his personal view about Blu-Ray/HD-DVD release on his site, though they don’t have plans to release in those format yet due to it’s disc standard differences, encoding cost and market size.

However, he did mention

“Its visuals were made by elaborated and detailed HD-size arts. I personally think our staffs’ efforts will be rewarded truely when the arts were shown by Blue-ray/HD-DVD. So, I am anxious to release Blue-ray/HD-DVD if the situations allow it.”

Which shines some hope for our Blue-ray/HD-DVD users, though the majority is still on the DVD format. Let’s just hope the DVD sales are good enough for a Blue-ray/HD DVD release ^^

And you can pre-order your copy of Byousoku 5cm [秒速5センチメートル] over at

Limited Edition <Link
Normal Edition <Link>

Grab the Limited Edition! I believe it would be really worth it. Go forth, Makoto Shinkai fans! I need to go pre-order now!

Oh, and this is what I call QUALITY DVD PACKAGING.

Official web <Link>

Makoto Shinkai Fan Web (Unofficial) <Link>
Hunting the Exclusive <Link>

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12 thoughts on “Byousoku 5cm DVD release date out!”

  1. @Akiraman: does ship outside Japan, but it depends on the items that you want to purchase. They don’t ship games out of Japan though.

  2. i just seen this a few munths ago and love it! i have a few questions tho. is this a movie or like a small mini seires? if it is a small mini seires how meny episode will there but?and will their be sub’s for this if i buy it from and is it already complet, like is the show done already over in japan?

  3. @5cmPerSecond: Hi there! This is a independent film/movie seperated into 3 different segments. When you buy the DVD, you will get all 3 part together.

    For subs, if they are available, it would be mentioned on the link. But for this case, no subtitles for this one.

    The show should be completed over in Japan.

    You can find more information over at the Makoto Shinkai Unofficial Fanweb.

  4. I want to buy the Limited Edition-DVD so much, but if there ain’t no subs on it, I cant understand it. :( I could buy it and download a subbed one from the internet, but it would tear my soul apart to have the DVD standing in my collection, knowing I will never be able to see it.

  5. To windbell – thanks for all your help! even tho i couldn’t really read the stuff from :-P, can’t install the laguage pack thing:-\, but still thanks for the other site!!!

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