Wii + Pictures + Free time

   ^ I have more skills than you now ^^;

What happens when you have a Wii, lots of pictures and a lots of free time?

You use it’s picture browser and create what is known as ‘Photographic mosaic’.

So what is this term which sounds like a damn big word? It is basically picture (usually a photograph) that has been divided into rectangular sections, and then each section is replaced with thousands of smaller images. When viewed under low magnification (normal 100%, no zooming), these pixels appear as the primary image. But under close examination, it gets revealed that the picture is actually made up of many hundreds/thousands/otaku-millions of smaller images which forms some kind of photo montage.

Crazy explanation there, but in simpler terms, use smaller photos to form a similar one based on it’s source image. ^^;

I have been always fansinated with this ‘photographic mosaic’ thing, which I found out the term only yesterday. Also, I had though that people actually manually placed the photos in one by one. However, I have been fooled as there are actually softwares to render the whole picture for you! I used a software called ‘Mazaika‘ (Shareware) to do the mosaic.

Just index a folder of pictures, select a source image, define the number of cells and fire away!

    ^ Source image.

      ^ Photographic mosaic with 60 X 90 cells (5400 cells!)

      ^ Photographic mosaic with 180 X 260 (46800 cells!!!)

The photographic mosaic with 60 X 90 cells took just a few minutes while the one with 180 X 260 cells took about 3 – 4hours (Left my PC switched on overnight ^^;)

Now I got to try using real-life photos!


8 thoughts on “Wii + Pictures + Free time”

  1. Hey Nice Pic!! Who are the 2 Girls in the Picture Did u use the Same progam Andrea Mosaic which was in the engaget post for the image?

  2. Sorry for the late replies ^^;

    @Danny Choo: Her name’s 三堂千尋 (Chihiro Midou) and she’s from a game called 「いな☆こい」


    @Akiraman: First girl is Chihiro Midou (see my reply to Danny Choo) and the second’s Tohsaka Rin from Fate/Stay Night

    @double: I like it’s effect alot ^^

  3. >.> hey mind if you upload all those pics you used for the source? I only have 200 and it looks really choppy

  4. @Setherzam: I won’t be able to upload them as there are just too many of em. Will do a post on imageboards soon ^^;

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