School Days TV anime site open!


Don’t know if many of you readers know this but the School Days’ TV anime site is officially open!

School Days TV anime site <Link>

There isn’t much on the site except for the post announcing that their site’s open [6月1日TVアニメ『SchoolDays』オフィシャルサイトがオープンいたしました].

For those who have no idea what is School Days, I shall explain it for a bit. It is an animated adventure game developed by 0verflow. What makes this game vastly different is that it represents a interactive anime with over 70 mins of anime, which is a first for it’s genre.

The game also has 21 possible endings, both good and bad. Good meaning you get the girl, bad being you getting killed ^^;

The TV anime will start airing on TV Kanagawa  [テレビ神奈] on 3rd July, 26:15~ hours, meaning the early morning of 4th July, 2.15am. I am somehow excited about the TV anime as I wonder if the storyline would be totally different from the game and the manga.

And also, the seiyuus for School Days consists of some new names which I have not heard before.

Video that was used in the very first part of the game.

Oh, maybe I should replay the game again. I only managed to get one of the happy ending with the sub-heroines ^^; Someone needs to get the Harvest novels for me!


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  1. Can there be a vote for both playing & watching the anime? Is the Game eroge? Just Curious? Kind of looks like keitai Shoujo I might take a look in between animes…

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