MOE computers!

    ^ Hand Maid May anyone? ^^ 

Remember the older days of D.I.Y computers when they all came in the standard beige color which were way ugly and plain? Even with more casing varities now, you might still want to ‘bling bling’ your computer casing. If you fancy not the bright cathode lights and fans, have no fear!

Custom computer maker has “Moe” computers aimed right at the hearts of the Otaku crowd!

Up-to-date PC users might want to complement their windows purchase (OS-tans) with a very nice spread of busty/lolita and big-eyed Japanese schoolgirls in salaciously short skirts (They did it on purpose! ^^;) amd bulging bikinis.

    ^ Very moe deshou? ^^;  

Of course, if you are not a PC user, there’s always the “moe” laptop for you. De-Co-Re really knows how to keep a otaku happy ^^


The cost of these MOE computers are around ¥92,000 (1,152SGD | 753USD) ~ ¥130,000 (1629SGD | 1064USD) for the computers and ¥198,000 (2480SGD | 1621USD) for the laptop.   

For users who want even more hardcore stuff to display your high levels of otaku-ism, there’s Katsuya Matsumura [松村克也って], a manga artist, sculptor/modeller and computer geek in one who creates original pieces of art that doubles as computer casings.


Yes, that is a RX-78 standing at 185cm tall. Following on the left is ERN005-PC (Kana the Maid) and ERN006-PC.

Meido-chan lovers would love to have this lovely lady and Bikini Idol fans will definitely love the bikini girl casing.

Mr Matsumura also sells and creates originals on demand for interested parties.

Now, that is made of MOE~!

I want one now ^^ Will try to make one myself in the near future (5 years? XD)

Source(s): “Moe”computers aimed at the Otaku crowd (JapanSugoi)
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9 thoughts on “MOE computers!”

  1. The Piece@Peaces one is definitely worth getting.

    I’m curious though, how would the notebook casing ones work since the customisability of notebooks are rather limited.

    I’d so get one of the PC cases if I were to ever make an entertainment/media console =).

  2. Can those computers be ordered on that first site you listed even though their in Japanese? If so how much would it probably cost in shipping to ship to the U.S.? And wouldn’t it be hard to change the OS language back to English?

  3. Sorry for the late reply to comments ^^;

    @XiaoRouWan: I wish to get one, mostly likely when I have the cash for it (3 years later? ^^;) Highly doubt it though.

    @Akiraman: I do like the Piece@Peaces design very much. Shall check those out at Akihabara when I get to Japan

    @tiny Red Man: A chobits version would be very cool. With moe voice added in

    @Hijiko: I believe the pictures speak for themselves, though I reckon they might have like a custom-made windows theme, in this case, a Piece@Peaces theme.

    @AnimeFanChris: You can order them from here . I have no idea if they ship internationally. You can contact them over at this page

    @Danny Choo: I would like a Chii as well. But it’s activation button’s position is sure located at a weird place ^^;

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