Traditional Japanese Culture ‘Rahmens’ style!

  ^ In the Traditional Japanese culture, girls have to dress up like Mikos and in kimonos. The Mikos get to fondle with the butts of the Kimono girls as a sign of good luck ^^; (That is not real, I made it up!) 

How do you use a chopstick? How about eating sushi? Apologizing (Dogeza) even?! Watch the videos below on how to do it the ‘Rahmens’ Japanese way!

These are parodies/spoof which are based on the Japanese culture and Language. In simpler terms, they are basically spoofs.

The two guys in the video are the comedy-duo in Japan called “Rahmens” [ラーメンズ] who were also featured in the Japanese version of the Mac v.s PC CM/adverts <Link> (Remember the ‘I’m a Mac. And I’m a PC’ starting phrase?)

I love these spoofs of the Japanese traditional culture. Even though it is largly exaggerated and wrong at times, it definitely made my day! Those comedies are truly creative!

You might also want to check out alafista’s blog post <link> on it ^^ (Got the post idea from there)

There is also the dating series 交際 (こうさい) Part 1 <Link> and Part 2 <Link> which were very professionally made and talks about (愚全の例愛) “conicidence love” (Pardon my translation and Japanese ^^;).

Picture Information: The illustrator is 「ぐうたら産地」(Lazybones’ Production (?) ) and the picture is over at the Top page (【過去のTOP絵】 old→new) , last picture. And it seems that they are protected by the “Online Fanarts Protection”. And no, I didn’t rip it off from their site. Got it from an imageboard.


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  1. The last one was just weird… with the japanese track and english one overlapping. Other than that, it was nice to see these again =).

  2. @double: Thanks. I frequent imageboard so I save those which look great ^^

    @Hijiko: Yes, the audio overlapping was kind of a issue, but these videos really made my day.

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