New Blogger Tanjou~!



New blogger tanjou~!

Today’s update will be a little special. Moeside now has a new blogger who is under the sub-domain of That person is Kiddokenshin!

He arrived in Japan somewhere in March and is currently doing a game programming course. That’s really cool isn’t it?

Anyway, you can check out his blog over at KiddoKenshinのオタクスペース (Which reads Kiddokenshin’s Otaku space) and the blog content is obviously anime and otaku stuff ^^; He is new to the blogging scene so please welcome him with your anime goods! Do add him to your blogroll! ^^

Picture information: Not available yet.

P.S : Do forgive me for my lackluster Japanese ^^;

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  1. @^^: そうだよ。不思議のブロガー。あなたの誕生日はちょうど終わたですよね? ^^;

    @Akiraman: He’s from Malaysia. I’ll add you to my blog links soon. Sorting out the links catagory ^^

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