You can only be a master of…


…upskirt-video taking when you can do that.

Find out after the jump!

At cosplay events when the cosplayers are busy chatting.

(Found the picture on an imageboard.)

Side-note: Been busy the past 2 days with tests. Site updates will resume as per normal ^^;

Picture Information (Top): Artist – Murakami Suigun
                                                Series – F-ism


10 thoughts on “You can only be a master of…”

  1. Thanks for censoring off my face man.. wouldn’t look good if certain people saw that picture…

    Oh damn.

  2. Need.. more… F-ism ~(o__O~)

    Upskirt pics can be achieve by… “Hey what’s that up there…” *Ducks and snaps away*.

  3. Hey, you’re missing the next shot! You know, the one where the girl kicks the guy’s face, and he flies into a brick wall…lol

  4. Is that photo from akibablog? I noe they use the laughing man pic to censor stuff. But I do feel like whacking that guy doing that… the cosplayer should also give him a kick!!! LOLs

  5. @Aheda: No worries ^^;

    @Hijiko: Yes, more F-ism is needed!

    @Danny Choo: ありがとう。じゃ、もっとかわいいの画像はアップロードします ^^

    @Akiraman: I got it from an imageboard, can’t remember the name though.

    The upskirt anime picture is from F-ism, a Murakami Suigun collection of illustrations. Picture information is in the post as well ^^

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