Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, English Dub!

   ^ Tsuruya wants to check out Mikuru’s immense biong biongs as well! (who doesn’t? ^^;)

Looking through the Otaku Video (Otavid) section of, I found this clip of the english dubbing of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, episode 1 that Akiraman had linked.  

Below’s a short excerpt I had typed out from the short clip. It’s pretty funny how Mikuru’s biong biongs have been referred as immense, huge. gimongous ^^; 


Haruhi: “She’s tiny but she has got bigger breasts than me! I mean look at these things, they are immense… this is another aspect of moe~ (mo-yea)”

Mikuru: [Screaming in the background]

Haruhi: “Man! This suckers are huge! That pisses me off! I mean, she’s so cute and her boobies are gimongous compared to mine!”

Kyon: “What are you? An idiot?”

Mikuru: [More screaming in the background]

Haruhi: “But they are totally huge! Really! You wanna feel them for yourself?”


Note: Haruhi did say “gimongous” or however you pronounce “Gigantic” and “Humongous” together.

The english dub for that clip isn’t that bad, though I do feel that the voice actor for Kyon could have been much more natural. (Lol, we call Japanese voice actors seiyuus and American voice actors voice actors.).

It is of course hard to imitate the way the Japanese seiyuus have voiced their actors in another language. Moe seems to be a concept that’s ‘Japanese exclusive”. Try voicing that short clip in other languages, I’m sure it would be helluva funny ^^ 


5 thoughts on “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, English Dub!”

  1. I got the dvd box the day after it was released. However, today due to some cosmic coincidence, Barnes and Noble sent me a second box set for free. Score :D
    Yeah, and the dub was all right. Kyon sounds “megas perverted”.

  2. Its Ginormous!!
    Gigantic and Enormous together!

    So we grab them and we PULL them together until they come out yea?!?!?!

    (Bets nobody knows what i’m talking about)

  3. I think “日本人の俺としてはいい作品が海外の人にも知ってもらえて吹き替え自体はスゲー賛成だけど、だけど・・・。正直ミクルの声は無いわ・・・ありえない・・・まあいいけど、やっぱ日本のアニメは日本語で見た方が良いと思うよ・・・ホント・・・。色々書いて悪いね。じゃまた。”.

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