Real life… tetris- WHAT?!

   ^ Too lovely ^^ 

Remember playing countless hours of tetris back when you were a young lad?

A link over on IRC has bought me to Youtube, where it showed Real Life Japanese TV tetris game.

Well, it is not really tetris, but much more like those ‘fit in the hole pattern’ kind of game. There are basically two teams (Red & Blue) and they compete with each other to see who can fit through the ‘hole pattern’ that moves towards them. 

Real hilarious I say. Kept laughing while watching the video. It’s real funny how each contestant tries to fit into the hole. Some went through, some failed (Thus falling into the pool of water that’s behind them) and some (2metres tall plus Japanese dude) broke through the hole pattern thing @.@

I do wish we had game shows like these over here, either imported or local (Prefer imported ones though). Sure beats coming home after a tired day at work, switch on the TV and find some stupid travel shows and local drama series. A healthy laugh is always good ^^;

Oh! For those who have played School Mate, here’s a real nice ‘mod’ picture I found while looking for pictures for this post ^^

I think I’m going to die of over-nosebleeding ^^;

(Sidenote: This post was meant for 13 June, but I didn’t managed to post it up as I was too sleepy. Will finish up today’s post first thing tomorrow morning!)

Picture Information (Top) :

Series – To Heart 2
Artist – Unknown
Characters – (Top) Ma-ryan-senpai / まーりゃん先輩 , (Left) Sasara Kusugawa


8 thoughts on “Real life… tetris- WHAT?!”

  1. Hey,I saw this on TV when I was in Japan last december. It was really funny,and I was laughing so hard when I saw this. My friend didn’t find this funny though.

  2. That made me LOL so much i had to paste this link to EVERYONE on my MSN list..

    I wonder how many of them are going to see that lovely seifuku girl with the pink pantsu and the camel toe so large it looks like a penis and judge me based on that picture…

    Why can’t your blog be more PG!! :P j/k j/k

  3. Maybe if I was still in high school and could actually shape my body to…no still impossible.

    I started laughing when that guy tried to do the splits. Best parts for me were the last runs where they had to work as a team. It’s just too funny!!

  4. @Aheda: They have to accept the moe~!

    @kacpy: Agree on that point! But it’s still how each contestant tries to fit into the puzzle that’s funny ^^

    @Otaku Surf: I was @.@ when the guy did the splits. The giant guy was crazy too!

    @Akiraman: Never tried it ^^

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