Remember doodling or scribbling in a boring lecture? Or just plain sketches?

I was browsing through the internet(s) the other day and found some real lovely doodles. I had always known them as doodles/sketches and didn’t know that a Japanese term for it actually exists!

The term is called Oekaki. Here’s wikipedia’s description of it.

Oekaki (お絵描き) is the Japanese term to describe the act of drawing, meaning “doodle or scribble”. On the Internet, an Oekaki is a message board system that revolves around computer art created by an art program stored on the server. Oekaki artists often post their art to other websites, such as personal pages or free gallery websites, in addition to the original board.

Source: Wikipedia <Link>

So with that search term, I began hunting imageboards for Oekaki, and I found out some really nice ones by different artist.

The first artist is Suezen. Suezen is a manga artist, illsutrator, fine arts lecturer and game designer located in Japan and has done a couple of Oekaki(s). Wiki link here (Japanese).

sagubooru-03ab6344b37ffe5bb3513328d451f3b8 (Suezen)sagubooru-85e746ac996bb835c27ebe18fee0fb50

Besides Kanon Oekaki, Suezen (Don’t know the gender ^^;) has also done other Oekaki based on Clannad, Air, To Heart, Fate/Stay Night etc. Suezen’s site link can be found here.


Another ‘artist’ (No confirmation as I can’t find any description about him/her being in any art/designing related field) is Genom. He/she does some very nice works as well.



More of his/her works can be found over at the site. The discrepancy in the website link address in the pictures is due to http://onija.fc2web.com being his/her previous site before shifting over to http://genom.xxxxxxxx.jp/index.html (yes, that site does actually exist despite having all that Xs ^^;).

Oekaki(s) are also used for avatars as well.

sagubooru-3422f1c67ac589cb4f7eb22b02685bedsagubooru-ba1236768a6b612bfa77f76002ffe282 sagubooru-b6f7f2fbfb12915923b3cf4a73784421

I do find that Oekaki(s) have a very nice yet rough feel and somewhat mysterious in a sense.    





8 thoughts on “Oekaki”

  1. Sometimes I wonder if they just used a mouse to draw or a wacom tablet. I have seen those kanon pics before didn’t know the artist name though good info linking him

  2. I saw some oekaki pics but the ones you posted there… suffice to say that I didn’t know that a Java applet could be so powerful. I thought it felt like drawing in MS Paint.

  3. @Akiraman: I have no idea actually, but I do think that they use both mediums.

    @Jc100: Hi! You’re new here ^^ Yes, do agree with you on the powerful part

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