Trap! Coming a step closer to you.

  ^ 可愛いでしょう? (Kawaii deshou?)^^;

 Remember anime series such as Happiness!, Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, Kashimashi? What do they all have in common?


The main character being a kawaii ‘girl’ is actually a male! In order words a trap! But you do have to agree they are indeed very good looking and such. Yet, they are all known as “Traps”, playing mind-tricks on those who do not know their true form. (Sidenote: That was how I bought the Mizuho figure and Loveless manga by mistake, but those are another story ^^;)

What happens when you get a real life trap then?! And a very good-looking and pretty one to boot?

When I first watched the video, it was pretty scary and *ahem* I got to admit ‘she’ really pretty. Compare ‘her’ to the other girls in the video, ‘she’ beats them hands down. Even her boing boings are real! Funny how the host went to feel them for himself ^^;

I have seen articles of guys that underwent for sex change surgery and they really look stunning in the photographs. Really hard to believe that they were once males (physical appearance wise).

Well, watching this video has taught me something else as well, that is to make sure that the girl to date in the future is not a trap and when I roam the streets of Tokyo in the near future, I hope it’s not a trap I’m looking at ^^;


Sidenote: The next post won’t contain a youtube link ^^


6 thoughts on “Trap! Coming a step closer to you.”

  1. You know you want it Windbell, you know it =).

    I’ve never seen one yet, though the voice would be a dead give-away no? Given that they haven’t gone through voice training.

  2. @Hijiko: No, definitely don’t want one >_> I have seen them on the streets but I still find them weird. Probably takes some time before I can accept them in the society.

    @double: Haha ^^;

    @Danny Choo: No problem!

    @Adun: That won’t be good ^^;

    @tiny Red Man: Do agree with that. They were easier to recognize in the first 2. I think handsome girls will be able to cosplay into guys like Haruhi (Ouran High).

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