Welcome to Pia Carrot Master!" says Sana


“いらっしゃいませ 御主人様 !” (Irashaimase Goshujin Sama!”) is one of the phrases many of us guys would like to hear coming out from the mouth of a kawaii girl. To add to that, the cutie pie even dresses up in maid costume, dons a pair demon wings and my oh my, those zettai ryoukai. This bascially kicks out almost all the fetishes I have. Now to look for a real life cutie pie ^^;

Now, I present you. Sana Horiuchi from Pia Carrot!

<Warning! Picture Intensive Post!>


This is definitely one of the better 1/8 figures I have seen, probably explains why it got grabbed away so quickly ^^;


Sana comes from Pia Carrot G.O, one of the Pia Carrot *ahem* adult dating-sim games.  She is one of the many girls you get to choose from, but her being in this outfit, it’s pretty clear who I would choose ^^;

IMG_0022Youzo Ogawa, the sculpter of this figure, has done a really great job in putting the details into the figure. The eyes, frills on her dress, petticoat and that delicious looking Bustier/Corset (can’t distinguish between the two ^^) adds on to the overall lovely appearance.

You may be wondering why is Sana doing that reverse bend pose on her arm. She wants to show us something in black, though that pose really looks painful. Can’t blame them anime girls.


    ^ Can you feel the moe?! That feeling of moe?!


Her devil wings seemed to be attached directly to her back, which makes me wonder if she is indeed a real devil girl. Doesn’t particularly matter anyway as she can easily capture the hearts of us otakus!


   ^ Out-of-focus shot T O T



    ^ I found this pose rather enticing. *nosebleed  ^^


The three little pigs couldn’t hold back and decided to take a peek at Sana’s sexy lingerie. One even tried to do handstands just to take a look!

  ^ Add some words on the side and it would make a great wallpaper!


Product: Sana Horiuchi Devil Type
Anime/Game: Pia Carrot G.O
Produced by: Kotobukiya
Sculptor: Youzo Ogawa
Scale: 1/8
Material: PVC
Release Date: January 2007
Price: ¥4,200
Available: HLJ (In stock)

I didn’t managed to get this figure only in June as when I ordered in February, they were all out of stock @.@ and so I had to wait for the June restock. This devilish darling also comes with the interchangeable breast part to ‘reduce’ or ‘increase’  her bust size.

\Photography Notes/

Location: Home, Indoor shot


I had actually wanted to do this photoshoot outdoors, but I couldn’t really find a nice location to for Sana (unless I visit one of the cafes ^^;).  

I diffused the lights by a diffuser box and a plastic bag. It works quite well I suppose but I do think that I should grab a couple of daylight lamps as I am still using tungsten lights which gives a very warm touch to the pictures.

\Post Processing/

In order to make the pictures look more natural, I let Irfanview do a batch resize and auto-level. This really helped in reducing the yellow glare that tungsten lights leaves on photographs.

\Other Links/

You can also check out super rats’ superior photography review and also Ujuj’s review.

\Other Goodies/




Click on the pictures to get a meaner and bigger version of it.

I think the last picture has led to the creation of the Resin kit of Kanae and Sana <Link



8 thoughts on “Welcome to Pia Carrot Master!" says Sana”

  1. Good to see you doing what I taught you when it comes to photography. I also have this on order but it’s still in Japan since I haven’t paid for it yet. Will soon though. I blame icie for making me want this, lol.

  2. @Adun: Thanks! I was basically switching between Manual and A-Dep Mode and used about f/10 and a tripod.

    Forgot to mention that I used the EOS utility to do remote shooting, which make this one of the most enjoyable photoshoots ^^

  3. The bent arm isn’t all that weird considering some people’s arms going more than 180 degrees. Though it mostly applies to those who have relatively skinny arms.

    However, that’s besides the point… I keep seeing this seductively delicious fig everywhere and now I want one >__>.

  4. @Hijiko: Just click on the HLJ link and buy ^^

    @super rats: Haha. Yes, that’s true.

    @Danny Choo: Thanks. The mini tripod is able to hold up the SLR but there are limitations to that as I can’t take pictures from certain angles without having to steady the SLR as well. I did use a normal tripod as well but it was left out of the picture.

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