“Draw more, and you shall improve”

Just like how the other great artists have taken the same path, I must too.

Back to improving on drawing ^^;


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9 thoughts on “Drawing”

  1. Oh god. i just realized that MOE spelt backwords is EMO =.=” Comes of what not visiting blogroll for weeks.

    Nice attempt on drawing.. freehand copy?

  2. Did you buy that G’S Magazine? What’s the Little Busters! extras that come with it as I’m REALLY tempted to buy this as I saw it in Kinokuniya.

  3. @Akai: I changed it about 2 weeks back. It was actually a friend’s idea ^^

    @Danny Choo: Thanks! I’m still far from the experts though. Working hard on it!

    @Adun: Yes, I did grab that G’s Magazine. It’s a Little Busters! Stick poster. 2 posters to be exact. The characters are Komari Kamikita (as seen on the cover) and Kudryavka Noumi (She isn’t full Japanese). I couldn’t bare to open the posters ^^;

  4. remember, practice makes perfect!
    dont be disheartened by the initial results- observewhat went wrong and strive not to repeat those mistakes and soon your drawings will look absoulutely brilliant!
    good luck!

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