Kodomo no Jikan 「こどものじかん」


I recently got to know of this manga, through the introduction of friends via IRC.

Don’t know if you have heard of it, but basically it revolves around a twenty-three year old grade school teacher Daisuke Aoki and one of his students, Rin Kokonoe, who has a crush on him.

So what makes it so interesting then? Find out more after the jump!

This manga focuses on the relationship between the two (Aoki and Rin) through a series of comedic and somewhat rather romantic scenes. Of course included in the package as well is also some rather ‘ecchi’ scenes that often send you thinking otherwise. A friend of mine sent some scanlations over and it was pretty hilarious indeed.

Besides the romantic and comedic side of the manga, there’s also a pretty sad side where Kaworu Watashiya <Link> managed to place together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle. I finished reading the scanlations  and the raws in about an hour and got pretty hooked to it (placed them side by side and did some cross-reading) I do wish to grab the manga if possible ^^;

There is also a anime port to do produced but I don’t know if they will continue with it as there seems to be some controversy with some of the scenes in the manga.

   ^ one of my favorite scenes ^^;


The manga started serialization in Comic High! back in May 22 2005 and is still continuing. There’s currently 3 volumes that have been bounded together. Those in Japan might want to grab their hands on it ^^; My spies say the manga (raw) and scanlations are available on the internets.   


10 thoughts on “Kodomo no Jikan 「こどものじかん」”

  1. i bought the chinese version of it…and i love it more and more…but bought only bk 3 though…1 and 2 was borrowed from my fren.

    and somehow, the chinese translation kinda fails…it was translated to:

    Sensei, there’s a lot of milk flowing out…

    no such things as: “you cum so much on me, look at all this milk of yours..”

    cant watch for the anime to come out!! shall nosebleed to death by then

  2. I’ve heard of the title before but have never seen any pages until now. The manga was supposed to come out not too long ago here in the U.S. but after pressure online and by distributors it got the axe. And judging by that scene you posted, I can see why.

  3. I read the first couple of chapters that were scanlated way back a couple years ago. The premise is nothing new (hell, very little things surprise me anymore thanks to the japanese culture), but it was funny with the pranks played. I dropped it shortly after though =|.

  4. “you came so much” does seem off to me. I think she simply says that a lot came/flowed out. still doesn’t loose the double meaning of course XD

  5. @ tinyredmen: oooo I didn’t know there was a chinese version of it

    Anyway I read 2 volumes with my very limited Japaense skills. I kinda enjoyed it. But I really like the character design for Rin, especially her long flowing hair.

  6. @tiny Red Man: The chinese versions are available locally?! I though it would be on the ban list for it’s subtle messages.

    @Otaku Surf: I believe that’s one of the main issues. The anime seemed to have gotten the axe as well, from what I last read on Anime News Network.

    @Hijiko: Guess it didn’t interest you that much ^^;

    @furrball: The japanese text says “いっぱい出たよ”, which means “A lot came out”. But with a langauge stuff as Japanese, it could mean “A lot came out” , “You came so much” etc. Guess the translators had to fit it based on the context.

    @alafista: I like the character design for Rin as well! ^^

  7. Imo it’s not a good idea to post a scan like this without explaining the context. Even though the most readers probably guess that it’s not what it seems to be.

    It’s just ice cream that melted somehow.

  8. Who cares about idiots of gomanga? All they care about is to find false excuse so they can drop it, I just hope they lost some money from it at least :p

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