Japanese mobile phones’ future revealed!

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It is not a touch-screen, nor a GPS, nor a iPhone. But instead, over in Japan, the features in portable products are a little different from the rest of the world, especially the advancements in their camera technology.

How so? Find out more after the jump.

The new 5005X, is a piece of kit that allows the viewing of people (*ahem girls *ahem*) naked, even up to the skeleton.

How does it work?

The camera has a selection bar where it adjusts the image on-screen and viola! You get to see places where the sun usually doesn’t shine at.


It would be very useful of course, in airports and especially idol events, like the recent one Danny and Hector went to. It would be also a life-saver for scanning people on the streets for weapons, no pervy stuff, just strictly business ^^;

(Hope by now you realize this is all a mock-up ^^)

[Via Tokyo Times]

Picture information (Top):
Series: Maria-sama Ga Miteru
Character: Ogasawara sachiko
Artist: a1
Misc: I photoshopped in the “Keep-out” signs ^^



10 thoughts on “Japanese mobile phones’ future revealed!”

  1. Actually, I’m interested in this artist. You’ve featured his work before, haven’t you? Any links to some of the stuff he’s done?

  2. This sounds like a fake there was an “x-ray” DV camera from Sony once but once activated you would destroy the CCD chip inside and be left with a nice huge “paperweight” cause its a forced color change thingy can’t remember…

    Anyway still LOLs x-ray pics clearly don’t have this kind of pixel sharpness

  3. @Aheda: But you need to get the phone first ^^;

    @bj0rn: It’s all a mock-up.

    @Zach: I haven’t featured this artist before, though his/her work looks familiar to Murakami Suigun’s. (See my post on “You can only be a master of…”). The tags on the imageboards included “a1”, which I reckon was the artist as I did a search on “a1” and lots of images with the same style popped out. I have to confirm this though.

  4. @Mitsuki_Hayase: Supply me with money to get out of here and I’ll push the Japanese makers to make a real 5005X :D

  5. how dare you play with the hearts of hardcore otakus who wans a x-ray enabled phone?! Why?!! >:8~D

    anyway, if this really happens, it will sell!! prada will go out of business as people are aware that such phones are around and don’t bother to wear a shirt..

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