I do have to apologize for the lack of updates for the past few days.

Been out the past few days/nights and sleeping rather late. Experiencing mild headaches daily. Currently recovering ^^;

Also, my main PC has been experiencing BSODs (Blue Screen of Deaths) recently. The total number for today was 6 (4 occurred within an hour!) @.@ Running CHKDSK to check for any corrupted files at the moment. Will do memtest86+ once that is done. I really hope that the damage sustained isn’t that great.

Will try to finish do up another post as soon as possible. Laptop doesn’t really have the pictures I use for my posts. Two more tests this coming week as well ORZ

Picture Information:
Artist – Chekoro <Link>

P.S My eyecandy is going overseas next week to study :(

4 thoughts on “Sick”

  1. You’re using that awesome pic above to win sympathy aren’t you… well it’s working =__=. Anyways, get some good rest. It’s probably your head not use to sudden change in sleeping schedule (though it should’ve adapted in a couple of days).

    Why can’t I stop staring at the pic o__o.

  2. @Hijiko: Thanks! Keep on staring at the pic :D The girl is cute

    @Dannychoo: Thanks as well! My PC stopped crashing after I did a CHKDSK. Guess it repaired the corrupted files.

    @alafista: More anime… hmm… Yes

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