Into my world

^ Do not trespass without Iori’s permission!

Actually did wanted to have done up this post ages ago but never did had the time do it. Pretty much figured it would be a nice idea to post about my room since many others have done it, why not? ^^;

Welcome to my room… more after the jump!


Firstly, this is pretty much what you see right over at the entrance. Nothing fancy like huge dakimakura (Hug Pillows) hanging from the door or ceiling. Neither is there booby traps and crazy security systems that scan your tongue before you get clearance to enter. Just a plain room like any ordinary person ^^

You can pretty much see my computer and desk on the left, bed on the background and covered guitar wearing an hat(?!). I bet you guys are probably thinking this isn’t an otaku’s room.


Take about 5 steps forward, and you realize my swivel chair pretty much moved itself in ^^;


There are 2 desks. The desk on the right belongs to my dad by he pretty much doesn’t use it at all. I just use it as extra storage space for my notes and handouts.

My room is equipped with 2 computers and a laptop. The desk on the left is where I spend most of my time (kickass 22″ monitor!) while the computer on the right (Win XP Japanese) contains older stuff as I don’t boot it up that often.

If you take a closer look at my laptop, it’s actually running OS X. I made it triple-bootable (Win XP. OS X, Ubuntu) with a lot of hard work involved in tweaking GRUB loader. I can’t do much with OS X for now due the lack of driver supports. Managed to install ethernet and wireless drivers though ^^


Where all the magic happens (No MP used) and ideas get written and published! I actually spend alot of my time here. Much more than my time spent outside.


To the left of the desks is my bookshelf of manga(s), storybooks that I used to read, 2 years worth of national geographic etc. Do ignore the soft toys on top. I’m pretty much a (soft toy) pig lover ^^; For the curious folks, the plastic looking pig is my piggy bank which makes ‘snoring-kind-of-sound’ whenever you insert a coin.

The top-left corner contains the only two gundams I own. A GAT-X303 Aegis and RX-78 Gundam Ver. ONE YEAR WAR. Below them are my Haruhi and Tohsaka Rin resins ^^; Don’t have the equipment to start on them ORZ

Where are my figures then?

They are on the left of my resin kits, where my anime magazine are nicely tucked away.


Contrary to popular belief, I actually don’t own a lot of figures. 8 in total at the moment. Just below them are where my anime merchandise is more or less kept. Newtype USA, Newtype Japan, Megami, Etsu, S & S.S etc. Don’t really purchase most of the magazines except for S & S.S as it features artworks, coloring and drawing techniques, anime development work, interviews with creators etc. The (2005.01 Vol. 56) Megami issue is my first and last ever Megami magazine I would buy. Didn’t knew that there were ero-anime reviews at the back ^^;


2 Guitars and a guitar amplifier which I don’t use anymore. School bag leaning on the side of the bed and my jeans on the carpet. Pretty much just pop them on when I leave for school. Very much convenient. I do get them washed every 2 days or so.


And finally, the place where dreams gets generated and blog posts gets though. But it hasn’t been working very well recently. Unfortunately, I don’t have one of those anime bed sheets and stuff. Would be pretty nice to have one ^^

^ Don’t mind a anime bed sheet, just not a one containing TRAP!

So you have it, my room in a post. Would I consider myself an Otaku even without all those posters, anime goods? Yes. I used to have anime posters on the walls, but took them down as they were kinda cluttered ^^;

Picture Information (Top):

Artist: Kawata Hisashi
Site Link: Unavailable


15 thoughts on “Into my world”

  1. Soo.. spacious and clean .__., looks like a lot of natural light enters the room. Your Takako fig seems to be bending over to one side though.

  2. Nice room you have there.It’s so organised,unlike mine which has random stuff lying all around the desk.
    I was actually expecting your room to me somewhat like a mini tj_han’s room,but looks like I was wrong.

  3. @Mitsuki_Hayase: Thanks! You could store some of your manga and books at my place ^^;

    @Hijiko: I over-exposed the pictures by a bit. But yes, a lot of natural light enters. My Takako figure isn’t bending. It’s the design of the base. Her sole of her foot is supposed to be slant.

    @double: Your room is pretty neat actually. Why did you think my room was somewhat like tj_han’s

    @alafista: Thanks again.

    @jay: Lol. Your room’s messy with Silver’s fur XD

  4. @windbell : my room was neat,3 months ago.And I had just had this random thought that your room is somewhat like tj_han’s. Anyway,I was surprised to see that you only have 8 figurines.

  5. Come on, you’re an otaku in disguise!
    You’re more than meets the eye!
    8 figures only, what, no money to buy?

    lol. coffee transformers OST. forgive me rhyme.

  6. @Danny Choo: The tissue box is there! But pretty much hidden ^^; It’s the golden-ish color box (Check the 5th picture from the top), just beside the open box with a cable dangling out.

    @HalcyonDF: I don’t have enough Transformers power to transform into a otaku ^^: Don’t really buy figures unless they really appeal to me :)

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