Legendary Girl A! Konata’s Comiket Shopping List

   ^ “You must grab the ero doujins! Grab or Die!”  

I am sure many of you have watched Ep. 12 of Lucky Star (Comiket Episode) thru many different mediums. Remember the assignment that Konata assigned to the Hiiragi sisters?

Yes! The routes to the different doujinshi circles and grabbing the doujins.

  (Picture Via Alafista O.T.A.K.U) 

Apparently, the good people over at Canned Dogs did some research with the data provided and with reference with Comiket 71 (31st December 2006) booths… it shows what circles Legendary Girl A buys from!

Red marks –
イ-46 (Haruhi ero doujin)
キ-01 (both Haruhi ero doujin)
Y-36 (Original male oriented doujinshi)
A-80 (Both eroge artists)
A-50 (Pro manga author, Marimite doujinshi)

Green pen –
イ-30 (rape stuff with Shounen Jump characters)
A-56 (Haruhi ero doujin)
W-49 (Both of them are very extreme circles with stuff that involve cutting people up and weird mutations, one of them had Haruhi stuff)

(Ripped from Canned Dogs. All credits in this post goes to them)

Do check out their post. It contains picture links of some of the doujin circles.

Source(s): Via Canned Dogs | Alafista O.T.A.K.U.

6 thoughts on “Legendary Girl A! Konata’s Comiket Shopping List”

  1. I don’t get why otakus like doujinshi. I prefer the original version of any manga/anime. That’s why I’ve never bought any doujinshi before. Have you bought any doujinshi before,Windbell?

  2. @double: Bought a couple when I was at Comic Fiesta (2004 & 2005). It is a animation, comics and games event. Will do a post on doujinshis.

  3. @double: Comic Fiesta is held annually over in Malaysia. The scene is pretty different from ours. Alot of small groups that stick together.

  4. With Doujinshi, one gets to see their favorite characters in their favorite circumstance and position. YOu don’t get that with original manga, because in original manga, you haven’t really established a link with the characters.

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