Lucky Star 4-Koma: Comiket Aftermath


So it seems like Kagami did purchase the ‘~captured’ (Gauron X Sousuke) doujin ^^; Check out that immerse expression on her face! CUTE!

Poor Translation:

3rd Panel:
Kagami: It’s not like after reading Gauron X Sousuke will affect my judgement to purchase (?!?!).

Th..That’s right! I’ll just study diligently and ignore Konata’s invitation me to the next comiket. un… ahaha!

4th Panel:
Tsukasa: Onee-chan, what are you speaking to yourself about?

Kagami: Haaaa!

Pardon the poor translation. Really.

7 thoughts on “Lucky Star 4-Koma: Comiket Aftermath”

  1. i watched 1 yaoi anime before and that’s IT!! NO WATCHING IT AGAIN!!! I DUn noe why i even bother dling it..and kagami is lying..she’s enjoying it.

  2. well…frankly speaking,your translation is a little strange.
    for example.
    “I’ll just study diligently and ignore Konata’s invitation me to the next comiket.”
    translate this part precisely.
    “It’s a material of study for being cool even if I will be invited to next Comike by Konata.”

  3. @double: Haha. I don’t really like it either.

    @tiny Red Man: Indeed. Kagamin is enjoying it ^^;

    @ik: Welcome! Nice that you would get that doujin.

    @As: Hi there as well. I tried to translate it without making it sound weird in english. Translation sucks at times :(

    @Otaku Surf: I prefered the 4Koma version as it cuter

  4. I think this is what it should be. (Kagami is in 2 parts to reflect the 2 speech bubbles)

    Kagami(bubble 1): It’s… it’s not like as soon as I saw the Gauron x Sousuke [doujin] I went out to buy it right away… right?

    Kagami(bubble 2):Th.. that’s right! Konata just invited me to the next Comiket, so this is reference data that can study so I’ll be fine then… Yeah… ahahahaha……

    Tsukasa: Heeeey, sis, what’re you monologing about?

    Kagami: GWAAH!

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