Simple way to win…


What’s a (somewhat) simple way to win ¥2,020,000?

Through game shows like Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right? Via Lucky draws? Or is there something even simpler than those?

One that requires picking the right size…

(Video might SFW depending on where you work. If your boss likes erm… bountiful girls, you guys share the video ^^;)


Japanese Comedian Yama-chan attempts to guess which one of these beautiful ladies has a 93cm bust.

Yes. 93cm bust!

If he picks the girl with the right size, he will win ¥2,020,000! (Approx: 25,034SGD | 16,62USD). No Kidding. Yama-chan uses his l33t bust-eye-measurement skills to determine the one with 93cm bust (eyes).

Damn, he is one lucky guy ^^;

(P.S Those are real bountiful ladies indeed hmm…. :) )

Source: Via Japan Probe

3 thoughts on “Simple way to win…”

  1. I want tomei ningen juice!

    Hmmm i recognize Yama-chan and his female friend doing the “Measurements”..
    They played this really whacky couple in “Attention Please”.. seems that it wasn’t just a role written for them.. They are equally whacky in real life o.O

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