Happy Birthday, Hiiragi sisters!



Happy 17th Birthday to the Hiiragi sisters!

Coincidently, it is Tanabata <Link> as well

Please continue to don your chihaya (dress of a Miko) in らき☆すた(Lucky Star). ^^;

Do check out this really good MAD of Lucky Star. They title it [柊かがみの魅力] (Charm of Kagami | Hiiragi Kamagi no Miryoku)

Can someone help identify the song? It’s really nice. The 2nd Version can be found here <Link>


 For those who can read Japanese, do translate it! I have edited the picture by a tiny bit!

Picture Information:

Top Picture – Unavailable

Bottom Picture – Original artist: Kuroba

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Hiiragi sisters!”

  1. Hiiragi Kagami:
    Windobell(?)… Let’s go home together.

    I have no idea about the katakana. I’m guessing it’s just a name.

  2. I suck at Japanese, but from what I can tell, the image says Raindobeiru, ishoni kairou. Since the first part is in Katakana, I assume it’s a name of someone, presumably the other person in the image. Second part obviously is ‘Let’s go home together’.

  3. @cyress8: Tiwncest? Lovely.

    @tiny Red Man: Hahaha ^^;

    @zanarky and JXT: I editted the name and added my nickname (Windbell) into it. So basically Kagami is asking ‘me’ if we’d like to go home together.

    @alafista: I’m afraid not.

    @yj: Thanks for the heads-up!

    @Hangman: But…but.. won’t 18 be better? ^^;

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