Lucky Star Fortune Telling!


Was trying out Shin Lucky Star Moe Drill Tabitachi when I came upon the ‘Fortune Telling’ section.

Don’t know how many of you guys believe in Fortune Telling but I don’t really think it’s real and that it’s a bunch of who-ha. The Fortune Telling section in Moe Drill Tabitachi somehow is really different and ‘somewhat’ accurate ^^;

^ Oh no! Personal Information displayed and revealed!

So I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes followed the instructions given on the screen. Input your birthday, together with your blood type , hit ‘OK!’.

Pretty much anxious on what the results were, I tapped ‘Ok!’


The end result

First Screen

(Box on the left-hand corner w/ avatar):
(Your Type)

ウエイトレス (Waitress)

(Box on the bottom left-hand corner):
(Your fate stone)

ルブー (Ruby)

(Box on the top right-hand corner):
(Excellent Compatibility Type)

お嬢様 (Ojou-sama)
後輩 (kouhai,  Junior at work or school)
ナース (Nurse)

相性の悪いタイプ (Bad Compatibility Type)

いません! (None!)

ラキーアイテム (Lucky Item)

流行最先端の洋服。 (Top-on the Edge, fashionable western-styled clothes

I like Watiresses, Ojou-sama(s) (tsundere anyone?), Kouhai (maybe) and Nurses (Nurses are hot ^^;).

The second screen says something about the waitress (lazy to translate ^^;). I do really find this accurate for some reason. Inputted some of my friends’ birthday and blood type and the results came back pretty nice. Wonder what Haitian black voodoo magic has been infused in the game…

(P.S 3 Lucky Star related post in a row.. there definitely must have been Haitian black voodoo music >__<)

Picture Information (Top):

Artist: Namamonanase
Series: Lucky Star
Site: Link


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  1. Waitresses for me.

    Hey where is the what that you promised me? =(

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